Rock Sage: Top Entrepreneur In Entertainment

While the music industry is evolving, shifting, and challenging those in the industry in all roles, there are individuals that stand firm: entrepreneurs in entertainment. They are simply built different. Entrepreneurs possess a fire within them that drives the dedication to their passion.  Combining that with a beast of an industry (music) a new breed of entrepreneurs exist. Solid in their roles as entertainment figures, these people serve as the roots that hold down the industry. Introducing one of the most impactful entrepreneurs in entertainment: Rock Sage.

Rock Sage is currently influencing in the entertainment industry in all avenues. Whether it’s music management, high profile protection security services, or his “power moves”, he has solidified his name. The well respected and well connected Jordanian American is a California native elevating in his many endeavors, including an elite security company serving A-List celebrities and high status companies: Power House Security. Featured on Netflix’s Bling Empire, Power House Security accompanies Christine Chiu, one of his many celebrity clients.

Rock Sage is the official manager of rising star Eddy Mack, and plans on expanding his music management portfolio this year. Going beyond executive roles, his contributions to careers of artists makes him a key part of the process. From a professional viewpoint, Rock is becoming an influential public figure.

Often unnoticed, figures so impactful in the entertainment industry go uncredited, as they are behind the scenes. It is our pleasure to bring to light the individuals who are well deserving of such credit. To follow Rock Sage: @rocksage | Follow Power House Protection Security @officialpowerhousesecurity

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