Roman Perez Pursues His Dreams of Professional Basketball

There are many people who are looking to pursue a career in professional basketball and while many people think about the big, bright lights of the NBA, the reality is that there are multiple ways for people to play basketball professionally. Roman Perez never gave up on his dream. From the first time he set foot on an asphalt court, he knew he wanted to play basketball professionally.

The Coronavirus Pandemic Impacts His Dreams

Perez has been playing ball for years. Sadly, the COVID pandemic has made it hard for him to keep pursuing his dream. He knew that he wanted to get back out there but social distancing was making it hard. Without basketball, the summer would have been empty for Perez. He knows that it is important for him to keep playing and get his skills back up; however, his Jordans were simply sitting in the shadows, begging to be laced up once again.

A Childhood Spent Growing Up in Williamsburg

Perez spent his childhood growing up playing street ball. There were no refs. Sometimes, even criminals lurked in the shadows; however, Roman Perez knows that some of the world’s top players grew up playing street ball as well. Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Clyde Frazier, LeBron James, Ron Artest, and others all grew up playing street ball as well.

Perez grew up in Williamsburg. He spent his time playing at Rodney Park, near his home. Eventually, his fortunes would change. A scout from the Dominican Republic saw him playing out there and knew that he had the potential to be great. As a result, Perez was recruited to play in the DR. By leading his local league in scoring with 28 points per game, he got his ticket to play ball professionally.

Perez Plays Professional Ball Overseas

Now, Perez is 34 years old. Standing at 6 feet, he may not have the frame of some of the NBA players. However, this has not stopped him from playing ball professionally. He has been playing in places such as Russia, Spain, and France. However, every summer, he comes home to play. He spends his summers in NYC. He likes to play organized ball wherever he can and he gives back to the community whenever he is able to do so. He hangs nets on reactivated courts all over the city and makes sure that other people are able to play as well.

Roman Perez is a Sharpshooter

Even though Perez is getting older, he knows that he can still get better. Sure, there are lots of players who like to dunk the ball. Perez likes to watch the highlight reels just as much as anyone else; however, he always explains to everyone that a long-distance shot is worth three points while a dunk is only worth two. By remaining tough mentally and physically, Perez has been able to enjoy a long career. He knows that it takes a lot to play street ball in NYC and this has toughened him up to make sure that he gets the most out of his professional playing career.

Perez Discusses His Future in the Game of Basketball

For Perez, life is basketball. There is nothing that is more important to him. That has become evident as he has worked hard to get the most out of his talent. He wants other people to know that they can pursue their dreams of playing professional sports as well if they are willing to put in the work.

While it is uncertain how much longer Perez is going to keep playing professionally, he wants to stay involved with the game of basketball for the rest of his life. This might be as a coach, trained, or some other type of consultant. He might even continue to play pick up ball in NYC. For Roman Perez, the sky is the limit.

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