Rowe Rowe to Launch Fresh TV Series Exploring The Wild-Wild West of Bitcoin

Music entrepreneur Rowe Rowe (a.k.a. Ian Rowe) announced today his foray into the screenwriting with the completion of his script of an original TV series. Rowe dreamed up the script for the 60-minute drama, which explores the hype around cryptocurrency. A Line of Code provides character-driven insight into how bitcoin is mined and a look into the highs, and lows of investment within this new economic system. Inspired by his college days, Rowe set the show in Ohio among the empty warehouses of the once-thriving Steel Belt. In essence, he is working to create the College Western, redefining a sub-genre.

The logline for the series: A town damaged by a significant recession turns away from farming and embraces bitcoin mining instead. However, once the programmer behind the idea reaches new levels of success, his community becomes entangled in an international cyber-attack of catastrophic proportions. 

“I wrote A Line of Code because I was, and still am, fascinated by the heightened interfacing of humankind and machine, expedited by the ongoing cryptocurrency boom. One fascinating aspect of this shift is how humans become more and more similar to the machines they create: engineers and entrepreneurs spend their days ‘mining’ Bitcoin. We are getting ever closer to that sci-fi horizon in which man and machine merge,” Rowe said.

The next step for A Line of Code to become a reality is to be picked up by a network. Following impressive placements in writing contests, most notably being a finalist in the Outstanding Screenplays TV Pilot Competition 2021, Rowe feels that the time is coming soon. To follow updates on A Line of Code, please follow Rowe Rowe on social media.




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