Rules That Help you buy cheaper on the Internet – Discount Codes & Other Ways

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The first rule of wise shopping is not to succumb to emotions and to buy only those products that we need at the optimal time for such a purchase. The same applies to traditional purchases in stationery stores and on the Internet.

And I would even say that the Internet is much more convenient because we can make a purchase in a store located anywhere on Earth – as long as it turns out that the cost of this purchase is optimal.

Rule 1: Choose the optimal date of purchase

When you get rid of the habit of impulse shopping (under the influence of emotions) and you are able to “postpone the reward”, which is undoubtedly fulfilling your need, you have a real chance to save while shopping online. I am not saying that you always have to give yourself a long, multi-day period of time (although it is advisable).

The most important thing is to let your emotions drop, rethink the necessity of having the item, and at the same time make sure that the price the seller is asking is actually the right price.

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Rule 2: Use discount codes

If you’ve ever seen a TV show where promotion hunters cut coupons from newspapers and then head to hypermarkets and pay $ 1,500 (or not at all) for $ 1,500, then you know the idea behind using coupons and promotional codes.

They are also available on the Internet, and there are also websites that aggregate information about such coupons and promotions. If you are looking for coupons and vouchers check out the website

How is it working? Two ways. Frequently, when ordering from an online store, you will see a field called “discount code” or “promotional code”, etc. Sometimes, this field is left blank. We don’t know the code. Many buyers think that having such a code is reserved for the best customers of the store. Nothing could be more wrong

Whenever I make a purchase, I enter the product name into Google and attach the discount code word by word in various mutations.

Rule 3: Try to buy in a bundle or larger quantities

Another rule: buying products in bundles or more (same product). This applies primarily to software, but not only. If you buy, for example, English-language books on Amazon, all you have to do is add the books that interest you to your basket and… wait for Amazon to send you an e-mail within a few days with suggestions on how to complete your basket. 

It is enough to “procrastinate” a little for Amazon to come up with quite good offers. And procrastination with shopping has an additional advantage discussed in point 4 below.

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