Running the entire automobile industry in India, LokeshGoyal is a man everyone should know

Have you ever seen those shows on the Discovery Science channel which show the factory footage of how cars are made? Those shows focus on mostly international brands, which means Indian automobile companies rarely get the same exposure. Indian kids grow up learning about the internal mechanisms of an F1 car, something which most of us will never see in real life.

But we do not get the same for our Indian cars and bikes which will finally be the vehicle of our choice once we grow up. But today, through this article, we will come to know about one such man, who can proudly say that he is the reason why the motorbike industry is running in India.

Meet Lokesh Goyal, the deputy managing director for Fairdeal Agencies, which is under the proprietorship of Goyal Agencies Private Limited. Lokesh Goyal is a very learned man, with a post-graduate degree from Harvard University in the subject of International Marketing.

Currently, he is also a guest lecturer at IIM and IIT and he is often invited for seminars on popular demand of the students. Lokesh Goyal doesn’t shy away from giving himself the praise he deserves and he absolutely deserves it. Not only is he well educated and a very charming man, but he also plays an irreplaceable role in the Indian automobile industry.

His company Fairdeal Agencies is the only company that manufactures and programs the robots used in the production process of Indian brands like Hero Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Bajaj. The prototype of the robot manufactured by Fairdeal Agencies is considered one of the best in the Indian subcontinent which is why it has been a channel partner of Panasonic India.

Fairdeal Agencies is a natural monopoly in the industry as the high factory set-up costs and the level of specialization and precision required in this field prevents other small-scale companies from ever being able to reach the same level as Lokesh Goyal’s enterprise. Apart from this, Fairdeal Agencies has been in this business for more than 57 years now. After so many years of exemplary work, it is not only a matter of being a monopoly but also a symbol of the quality of service offered.

Under Lokesh Goyal’s management, the company has been booming, with an increase in sales as well as the recognition it gets. In the past years, Fairdeal Agencies has set up a Pan-India presence with Headquarters at Jalandhar and branches at Delhi, Gurgaon (NCR), Chandigarh, Mandi Gobind Garh, Udhampur, Haridwar, Rudrapur (Pant Nagar), Jammu and Kanpur.

Each branch is an individual unit and has its own warehouse and support centre. To be the managing director for such a widespread industry is in itself a huge responsibility, but Lokesh Goyal fulfils the role with such determination and motivation that his enterprise is bound to be successful.

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