Sanchit Shokeen A.K.A Techbar Explaining the Importance Of Tech YouTube Vlogging Today

In recent years Vlogging has become an exploding passion among Internet communities. By combining the technical knowledge with richness of expressions in video, video blogs are certainly becoming the powerful new media entity on YouTube. One of the top notch vlogger from India Sanchit Shokeen aka TechBar shares his enriching and learning experience with readers in this blog about importance of tech YouTube Vlogging in the growing times.

Key pointers for the better understanding

1. Extensive Knowledge – As a tech Vlogger the sole purpose of the Vlogger is to impart knowledge to the audiences who are not from a community or a class but every one who utilises YouTube for infotainment purposes.
You have to first identify what aspect of technology you are going to do your vlog on. Once you zero down on that factor then showcase your understanding and knowledge about the product, gadget or software. Likewise TechBar does with several upcoming mobile models of various brands.
Once you give them the meticulous analysis of the product, they will gain interest in that particular model or product.
2. Review MattersIf you are one of the established YouTuber then you have major responsibilities on your shoulder. Your comparative analysis about brands can influence your loyal audience towards the brand you choose to be the best between the two. Every video of yours is like a testament about that particular brand, product or the user. Your reviews must be honest, unbiased and in the favour of buyers.
3. OnenessThe uniformity in your videos are the most integral element that people will look at. As a Vlogger TechBar believes that you should have the range of all sorts of products whether you are unboxing or reviewing it. It should not be always about expensive items but budget items as well. This will give you a wider reach and a bigger strata of tech lovers.
4. Update about new items The Bloggers are actually the front end users of that product. Before coming into the market, TechBar gets his hands on the products. The way he explains every product and gives information and demo of the product.
This surely helps the customer and in genuine ways saves their lot of money which they would have invested without knowing about the product.
5. CollaborationAs a top YouTuber everyone wishes to collaborate with you for promotion of their product, entity, brand or channel.
This helps you in gaining a lot of momentum as a Vlogger as you collaborate with new virgin brands who want to do something new or innovative in the field of technology and your sharp technology acumen helps them in establishing a brand. Otherwise these innovative models run back and forth to gain funding to support their dreams.

TechBar was also started as a tutorial channel in the year 2012. His first video was on Photoshop tutorial – How to make a collage. The video received more than 50k views.

Well he has developed as a Vlogger, he learnt a lot in this course of time. He tends to impart his skills and knowledge to the budding Vloggers.

TechBar understood that hindi is a more prolific medium for his country and he kickstated his channel under the same name ‘TechBar’ and today he has over 2 million subscribers on the most common video sharing platform i.e. YouTube.

The channel has more than 150 million views and TechBar also serves the purpose of true Tech Vlogger by being honest towards his products, reviews, features, policies and everything related to Technology.

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