Sarah Jo Vincent Champions Sobriety and Bringing Families Together In Her Alliance Program

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Sarah Jo Vincent founded Soul Purpose with the vision of helping educate, empower and elevate youth to envision themselves far beyond their current unfortunate circumstances and also to understand that they are not defined by their past regressions or mistakes.

At Soul Purpose, the goal is to focus on helping youth garner awareness of their behaviors and develop a new skill set through holistic fitness and educational programs and initiatives. The non-profit helps clients identify their individual and joint needs, desires, and areas where improvement is needed and ultimately crush their goals of becoming a family again.

There are two elements to each program offered by Soul Purpose. The exercise program is centered on functional fitness and guides youth through high-intensity interval training (HIIT). This ensures optimal physical enhancements in a short period of time but ultimately helps youth see themselves in a new light via tangible and measurable positive outcomes. Additionally, the impact of physical activities is profound in helping youth stay clean and reducing relapse rates.

The other part of the plan takes youth through a weekly educational and vocational training course. The goal here is to develop a ‘road map’ for success, which includes nutrition schedules, a list of future goals, and other positive habit-inducing activities, all with the mission of helping instill more positive habits, attitudes, and developing self-worth.

Speaking From Experience

Vincent is not only a transformational mentor, but a shining example of overcoming obstacles and addiction and finding a purpose in life, having conquered recovery and maintaining sobriety for over 30 years.

At just 21 years old, Vincent found herself an addict, bulimic, and in-and-out of toxic relationships, while also sustaining multiple physical injuries as well. She felt trapped, lost, and hopeless, but she knew she could not live like that anymore. After being admitted in what she called, ‘30 days of life-changing treatment’, she then detoxed for the next six months.

Since she lived through it and experienced different forms of treatment, who better to speak as to what works and what indeed does not? Some programs can certainly be too laser-focused on certain topics, assigned reading, and make the youth feel even more alienated.

Realizing that her counselors were well-read, but not necessarily ‘street smart’, Vincent saw the opportunity she had been waiting for, finding purpose in helping youth struggling with addiction and battle behaviors of self-destruction, which she has been doing now, successfully, for over 20 years.

As a direct result of her past transgressions, Vincent highlights many overlooked factors, scenarios, and tips to help clients build their way to a healthy foundation and find a purposeful life. Her extensive experience in physical exercise, paired with vocational training allows for each youth to find his or her way in areas that may seem out of their control.

The recovery mentor holds a B.S. in physical education and has both a Qualified Mental Health Associate (QMHA) and Certified Alcohol Drug Counselor I (CAD 1) certifications.

The Alliance Mentorship Program

There is commonly a discord between parents, caregivers, and budding youth, whether children feel as if adults just don’t understand what it’s like or said adults find it difficult to connect with youth on personal levels. The Alliance Mentorship Program helps identify such barriers which are tied to hindering the progress of a healthy at-home relationship among families. 

Vincent and her team of experts utilize this program to spotlight the strengths and even some weaknesses in why there seems to be a rift at home, create a roadmap for success, and ultimately guide families to a respectful and loving growth-oriented bond.

In fact, the counselors will meet clients where the families already are, whether the child is fresh out of treatment, staying at a friend’s place, or struggling at home. In the end, clients can find sustainable and manageable solutions to help the youth beyond their current circumstances and find unity with their parents, guardians, siblings, and caregivers.

“I’m a child at heart and I listen to children,” said Vincent.

“I started this alliance between parents and youth because this is what I am passionate about and I love the family dynamic. Children typically come out of treatment and have to reacclimate themselves to where all their triggers and stressors are associated with. This program helps everyone meet their needs.”

About Sarah Jo Vincent

Sarah Jo Vincent is a transformational advocate and the founder of The Alliance and Soul Purpose, both of which help families dealing with children with addiction and create a new and better life for themselves. With over 30 years of sobriety, she has helped dozens of families go from addiction to full recovery. To learn more about her transformational program, please visit

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