Sat Hunter Nullish Makes Huge Bitcoin Discovery


Amongst all of the noise of the SVB disaster and $USDC depegging, a massive discovery was made last week which you may have missed!

Sat hunter and self-taught dev/artist, Nullish, announced via his Medium page that after many weeks of searching, he had found sats from an “extremely old range from block 78 and quickly found out that they were mined by Hal Finney, highly regarded as the right-hand man to Satoshi Nakamoto.”

Who Was Hal Finney?

To bring you up to speed, Hal Finney was an early pioneer in the development of Bitcoin, an active member of the legendary cypherpunk community, and quite notably, the first person to receive a Bitcoin transaction from the enigmatic Mr. Nakamoto.

Finney, who was sadly diagnosed with ALS in 2009, continued to work on Bitcoin until his untimely death in 2014. Bitcoiners may disagree on many things, but one thing that everyone can concur on is that Finney is a highly esteemed and beloved figure in the hearts of all.

Who Is Nullish?

Nullish has become a hero amongst Ordinal enjoyers with his recent endeavours to excavate ancient artefacts of the Bitcoin blockchain.

Astonishingly though, Nullish had “never touched a Bitcoin node or anything BTC related” up until a month ago, trevor.btc told his followers on the day of the Finney announcement.

As a developer and artist, Nullish’s goal is to push boundaries, continue to innovate as he learns, and “create a vibrant community where collectors and tech enthusiasts can come together” to appreciate his work and participate themselves.

Why Are These Sats Important?

Despite the cultural significance of these sats being mined by such an important figure, in addition, the only older sats in circulation are from block 9 mined by Satoshi. Block 78 was the first block mined by someone other than Bitcoin’s creator.  

However, Nullish isn’t stopping at this momentous discovery. He is determined to uncover more hidden gems in the blockchain. In fact, he states, “It is unknown exactly how many block 9 sats are still active to this day, but we will soon find out: Greg from the Ordicord is currently working on tracing the location of these sats.”

Learn How To Sat Hunt

Nullish detailed briefly his technique on what entails with sat hunting, and encourages everyone to go on their own voyage of discovery:

“I used the most basic technique which is sifting through exchanges. There are many more advanced techniques as mentioned by Psifour: Lightning channels, STACKS sifting, etc. I encourage everyone to search for sats, all you need is a UTXO received, and”

Additionally, FrankenSense, a member of the Nullish team, has shared a great thread all about how to check your custodial wallets for rare sats:


There are a number of collections which have been released under the Nullish banner:

  • Distortion Genesis: Holding this collection provides access to future collections.
  • Distortion Ordinal Claim Pass: This was an airdrop for those who held the Distortion Genesis collection. It allows you to claim an ordinal by burning the pass.
  • On the Edge of Oblivion: This collection has a low inscription number and can be redeemed for a BTC Ordinal and ETH soulbound token.
  • Celestial: This is an interactive ETH-based token that can be levelled up by holders after being held for 14 days. However, there is no guarantee of future utility.

Bullish On Nullish

Nullish and his team are up to some fascinating work, and with the growing popularity of Ordinals, it’s only going to get more intriguing.

The Discord server is an excellent resource for information-sharing, and Nullish himself provides valuable tutorials and guidance on essential topics like choosing the right wallets and marketplaces, how to keep your inscriptions secure, along with market insights from the wise community members gathered there. 

It really does feel like only a matter of time until Nullish becomes an instantly recognizable name in the wider cryptosphere.




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