Say Goodbye to chronic Pain and Suffering With ASTR’s Home Self-Treatment Option!

There is nothing more heartbreaking than watching your loved ones live in pain and not be able to help them. Sometimes it is you, who find yourself, in such a difficult situation. In such cases, what everyone wishes for is a magic wand to take away the pain caused by a variety of reasons. This is exactly why countless people have turned to ASTR’s home self-treatment option for pain.

Dr. Joseph Jacobs is a doctor of physical therapy and is a well-known name in the world of physical therapy. He and his team of physical therapy experts reviewed over 18,000 studies from various places to come up with the best possible treatments for people dealing with pain and suffering.

ASTR‘s home treatment is simple and tools are easy to use. There are nine step-by-step self treatment programs that can guide you through the treatment process. The step-by-step self treatment programs are for jaw pain, headache/migraine, neck pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, hand pain, back pain, knee pain and foot pain.

With ASTR’s online step-by-step treatment programs you’ll have everything you need to quickly relieve pain from the comfort of your  home! Each program is around 1.5 hours long and mimics the same program you would go through in clinic with Dr. Jacobs. For some maneuvers, you may need someone to assist you.

All you need is 5 minutes a day for treatment! Instead of spending hours on a variety of treatments every day, you can do the treatment at your home. ASTR’s medical tool kits use to break down the scar tissues and release fascia restriction in a gentle yet efficient manner.

This first step helps to break down the adhesions and collagen fibrosis that help your body to be at ease and relax. The second step is to reduce inflammation in the body which also addressed with ASTR tools.

However, it is not just about a single tool that is needed in the treatment as Dr.Jacobs believes in tackling the issue from all possible ends. Your diet, your posture and your lifestyle play a key role in how your tissues are impacted.

People who have a desk job often complain of neck and back pain, which can become a chronic problem if not treated on time. What makes this tool kit unique is the fact that it has been created by doctor who himself dealt with similar issues after his second caner treatment.

It is a result of Dr.Jacobs struggle to create a one-stop solution for people suffering from pain. This is the reason why the tools provided by the ASTR are not just about relieving the pain in few minutes, it goes deeper than that. The bigger concern of the doctor was to find the source of the pain and pinpoint the root cause of the problem.

One thing that are users of ASTR product can testify is the fact that ASTR’s home self-treatment option for pain is not about forgetting about the pain but about treating it and bidding it farewell.

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