Sean Goodnight Shares Tips on Improving Your Spoken Communication Skills

Learning to become an effective communicator is an important life skill. It can improve the way you interact with people in your personal life and the workplace. In this article, Sean Goodnight shares tips on how you can become a better communicator today.

Even if you fully understand the importance of being a powerful communicator and have mastered effective communication principles, there is still work to do. Putting into practice what you know to be right takes some work and dedication.

1. Speak sparingly.

Remind yourself often that you have two ears and only one mouth. This will help you remember to listen twice as much as you speak. Talking endlessly can be a sign of nervousness or insecurity. Listening conveys interest. To ensure that you are listening attentively, keep eye contact with your conversational partner. Whenever they stop talking, wait for a few seconds before speaking to allow them to finish expressing their point of view.

2. Think before you speak.

There is nothing wrong with a bit of silence in a conversation, as it gives both parties time to gather their thoughts and come up with new ideas. So, take your time to think and compile a response before speaking. If you are not sure what to say, ask clarifying questions. This will show to others that you are deliberate with what you are saying. It is better to ask what your opponent meant then make quick assumptions and misinterpret things.

3. Speak with confidence.

Avoid phrases like “well, I think, maybe.” Instead, state what you think, know, or believe. Don’t be arrogant or closed-minded, but be confident in what you have to say. That’s another good reason to think it through before you begin to speak.

4. Practice articulating your points with a trusted partner.

Many friends, spouses, or significant others of successful people have spent countless hours being the recipients of talks, speeches, and pitches. When necessary, even mirrors will work. When it’s a “showtime,” and you are “on,” you will perform at the level you practice especially if you tend to freeze under pressure, practice until your desired results are, indeed, second nature for you. Then you won’t need to even think about it – you will perform flawlessly.

5. Know your audience.

To feel more confident when speaking, it is essential to learn beforehand or ascertain at the moment, the level of understanding our audience brings with them. Regardless of whether your audience is a packed theatre-style classroom, an executive board room, or a single person, gear your language to their level. Practice articulating your points to various audiences to get better at reading the room.

Mastering spoken communication skills will open a whole world of possibilities. Without them, roadblocks will be your frequent companion.

About Sean Goodnight

Sean Goodnight is a proud husband and father and a firm believer in family values. Born and raised in Colorado, he graduated from Englewood High School and went to the University of Northern Colorado. Sean Goodnight’s definition of success includes two aspects – family and professional life. He aims to provide security to his family and the clients that depend on him. He does that by consistently making sound choices and building relationships based on trust, honesty, and respect.

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