Sean Kaptaine of Liquid Help® Energy Release Your Inner Superhero®

Sean Kaptaine is the sole owner, scientific officer, formulator, and Liquid Help® Energy Drink creator. The purpose of the name is to help people and inspire them to help others. Sean is using his education from medical school to understand how and why what’s occurs.

With his innovation of researching from a higher level of education, he weeds out all the research with poor precision and accuracy. Sean does research based on clinical research in hospital settings using actual patients and no statistical bias analysis. Sean wants to create the most bio-effective beverages on the planet and help their overall state of energy, with Do No Harm in his core. 

Sean Kaptaine’s Early Celebrity Years as a Model and Freelance Entertainer 

Sean Kaptaine was born on March 17, 1971, in Hollywood, Florida, with the birth name Sean Kapetanakos. A multi-faceted business owner. He was born in Hollywood, Florida, but raised in Miami, Florida. Sean modeled in his younger days.

Sean appeared in many television shows like Entertainment Tonight which he was interviewed for thirty minutes about his winning of the Mr. Hawaiian Tropic 1993. Sean was also on the Cristina talk show in Miami, Florida. Sean worked for two years with the TV dance show called Caliente, held in Miami Beach, Florida, at a place called Penrod’s, now called Nikki’s Beach.

Sean has played small parts in movies such as Bird Cage with the fantastic Robin Williams, has been in many magazines like Sports Europa featuring men’s underwear and swimsuits. Sean won the 1998 Playgirl sexiest man alive contest held in Miami, Florida, at café iguana nightclub.

Twenty-four weeks of competition took place, with each winner going to the finals. At this contest, Sean won a brand-new Harley Davidson motorcycle and a contract with Playgirl for one year. Sean took the bike but turned down the deal with Playgirl for the Man of the Year because he said he wanted to go to school. Sean used the sale of the motorcycle to start college. 

Sean Kaptaine and his Journey into Education Shaped His Desire to Learn 

In 1998, Sean Kaptaine achieved his GED. He graduated from Broward Fire Academy in 1999 and EMT-Paramedic school in 2001. He completed two associate degrees from Broward Community College in Emergency Medical Management and Business Management in 2002.

Sean also completed many certificates related to pre-hospital allied health like Advanced Pediatric Life Support, Advanced Trauma Life Support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, and many more. He started at the University of Miami on an honors Kingston scholarship and Phi-Theta-Kappa honors scholarship, majoring in Neuropsychobiology, which only accepts sixty people a year from all over the world.

Sean was relentless, working fifty-six hours a week as a paramedic to pay his bills, all while studying challenging classes in pre-medicine. After completing his undergraduate degree, he achieved a master’s degree while taking the MCAT exam twice. He got accepted into Medical School from Ross University school of medicine, but he did not continue into residency to practice as a physician after medical school.

Sean said he did not like all the bureaucracy in medicine and how doctors and patients are treated. He didn’t like the fact in medical school rotations. Supervising doctors told students that they had seven minutes per patient.

Sean says that an accurate evaluation of a patient takes much longer to discover many aspects of their environment, past medical history, current daily, weekly and monthly rituals. Sean says that consulting the patient with deep investigative questioning does not exist in medicine much anymore. For that reason, he decided not to apply for residency after medical school. 

Sean Kaptaine Called Out of Entertainment Retirement for a few Celebrities.

In 2017, Sean made an appearance on the E-channel appearing on the Jillian Michaels TV show. He was asked again to entertain and welcomed it, performing a prank show on Jillian Michael’s mother-in-law. Video of Sean Kaptaine hugging Jillian Michael’s at the end of TV clip on E-Channel. Sean Kaptaine is in charge of many events like this.

Contributions in the Community are Important to Sean 

Sean contributes to many charity events with a company he owns called Miami Superhero. He continuously has costume characters show up free of charge to many sick children in hospitals. Here are some examples of Sean Kaptaine’s company charity events:

For Miami Jackson Hospital, click here

For a family, click here

For kids, cancer center click here and here

For the Shooting of kids at the high-school Stoneman Douglas, click here

For a Child with a Brain Cancer Glioblastoma with Local TV news, Miami Heat dancers there click here

For Joe DiMaggio’s Children’s hospital, click here

Picture With Mayor Wilson for Christmas click here

Business Career of Sean Kaptaine Now Launching Help Energy Drink

Kaptaine has worked in many different professions over the years. He worked as a male model for several years, modeled for companies Irene Marie and Ford modeling. He won the 1998 Playgirl Sexiest man alive contest, which helped launch his modeling career more. After all his modeling and dancing, Sean worked for a couple of years as a firefighter/paramedic. Sean has worked for years in digital marketing.

Starting back in 2005, he launched his first website in event coordination. Sean is a full-time entrepreneur since he decided not to go to residency after medical school. Sean formed the company Miami Super Hero in 2012, bringing characters to life at kid’s birthday parties. Sean always wanted to get involved with family-oriented events.

So, from there, Sean got involved in wedding planning as well. Sean expanded the kid’s companies into New York called New York Party Characters and a few other cities with The Party Characters. In 2019 Sean formed a company named IV Life Miami to offer people iv therapy. In 2019, Sean Kaptaine signed up for VIP access to Fortune Builders with his real estate investing company called Life Style Real Estate Solutions. Sean is a private member of Fortune Builders company.

In 2019, Sean Kaptaine formed Liquid Help ® LLC, a trademarked beverage company and reserved. The company is doing business as Help Energy Drink. The company is primarily an energy drink company that has two trademarked flavors. These flavors are called Pucker Up ® and Shake That Frooty ®. Sean also has a trademark reserved named Release Your Inner Superhero ®.

Release Your Inner Superhero stands for using your inner ability to work through pressures and harsh circumstances in life. Also, standing like a superhero for two minutes a day can help increase critical hormones in one’s body. Sean Kaptaine is launching post-covid now on May 1, 2021, with his Help Energy Drink. Sean Kaptaine has also trademarked his new bikini company called Hero Swimwear ™, available for launch in July 2021. 

Sean Kaptaine on social media:

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