Self-Made Entrepreneur and Adroit PR Shruti Dahibavkar Takes on Challenges Effortlessly

“Your comfort zone is a place where you keep yourself in a self-illusion and nothing can grow there but your potentiality can grow only when you can think and grow out of that zone.”― Rashedur Ryan Rahman

In a world full of competition, success comes to those who work for it. Shruti Dahibavkar is one of those people who have worked tirelessly to accomplish her goals and make a name for her in the entertainment industry. She is a woman of many talents that include PR skills and digital marketing. The futuristic ideas and creative concepts used by this genius, has helped her clients enormously.

Dahibavkar has worked for celebrities from different walks of life and has not been restricted heralded to any domain. She has worked with Bollywood stars, politicians, athletes, businessmen, singers, and influencers. Dahibavkar uses her knowledge and experience in the field of PR to create a dazzling image for her clients and in turn creating one for herself. Her work ethic, determination, and innovative take on life have won acknowledgment and admiration from co-workers as well as clients.

Today, Dahibavkar has become a known personality in the industry, and people who want to take up PR as a career look up to her. She has become the inspiration and a source of motivation for people who have just entered the industry. She started working for several agencies and gained experience from seniors. However, with hard work, resilience, and determination, Dahibavkar is now working for an agency that she co-owns. The young entrepreneur offers round the clock services and never takes a break from work. Dahibavkar is known as “The PR Girl,” owing to her excellent marketing skills and PR strategies. Many people have admitted that Dahibavkar works honestly, ethically, and is reliable.

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