Self-Made Entrepreneur Taylor Chiles Builds a 6-Figure Digital Empire at Age 21

At only 21 years old, Taylor Chiles is someone to watch. With over 300k followers, her YouTube channel features a strong female entrepreneur, expanding her presence to her Instagram pages as well. 

She started as a YouTuber originally as a beauty influencer in 2018. After posting a video talking about apple cider vinegar, which went viral, this pushed her into the fitness scene, where she first delved into the world of digital entrepreneurship.

It was then that she realized she could do anything. This opened doors of possibilities for her. She started making her own waist trainers, resistance bands, and fitness apparel. Chiles started Chiles Couture, a luxury gym accessory line.

Over the past two years, Chiles has not only grown her YouTube channel to over 300k followers, but has also turned her business into a 6-figure empire through her social media presence. 

When asked where she drew her inspiration from, she attributes her perseverance to her mother. Chiles grew up in a single-parent home, where her mother set the stage for her as an entrepreneur from a young age. Her mom showed her a lifestyle where women can work hard, make their own money and make a life for themselves, that women don’t need to work under a boss. 

Chiles prides herself in the fact that she is self-made and self-educated, starting her business at only 19 years old. “Formal education will make you a living, but self-education will make you a fortune,” Chiles explains. “I take pride in being unique and being able to uplift others.” She shares this love and passion with her followers to inspire others not only in fitness and entrepreneurship, but also in faith. 

Her mother inspired her to learn more about business and marketing, but the most important thing for Chiles is being able to make genuine connections with people… and how does she do this? Through the glory of God. 

Chiles’ strong sense of faith has taught her the ability to attract into her life what she is putting out with her thoughts. Using the power of the mind to translate what is in her thoughts and materialize them into reality. 

With this mentality, Chiles focused her thoughts on her goals and ambitions and was able to take action to achieve them. “My thoughts are a direct correlation to reality, and yours can be too,” Chiles shares.  

Chiles shares her two biggest pieces of advice to her success: Be authentic and be vulnerable within yourself. 

Chiles grew up overweight, but she never let it bring down her self-esteem. So when she started her fitness journey, it allowed her followers to relate to her. She wanted to relay the point that if she could be happy in her own skin, then anybody else can too. “I wanted to be transparent as possible about the ups and downs of my weight loss journey but also be transparent about the ups and downs of entrepreneurship,” Chiles explains. 

Chiles is definitely an influencer to watch if you are looking for a down-to-earth, inspiring, young female entrepreneur that will show you that anything you set your mind to is possible. You can find Chiles on her YouTube Channel, on Instagram, and through her fitness website.

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