Self-Service Storage: How to Optimally Employ it?

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Self-storage is an industry that has been growing strongly since the 90s. Companies offer to rent individual storage rooms. There are variations, but we’ll see that further down this page. Commonly, you can also hear about storage, mini-storage, self-storage, self-access storage, self-service storage.

We all know that we have to pay special attention to the trim lines before we commit. Self-storage is no different from other businesses. The majority of furniture repositories have an excellent reputation. But, every contract has its drawbacks, and it is sometimes difficult for an average person to understand the small lines, often legal jargon.

Therefore, before committing yourself, it is a good idea to ask for a sample box rental contract from each storage unit that interests you. Could you read them carefully at home? This will assist you to choose the right storage box supplier, the one that best suits your needs.

This will also permit you to keep away from unlikeable surprises. There are, therefore, specific points that should attract your attention when choosing a storage unit. 

The boxes for rent are called storage boxes, storage rooms, storage spaces, maritime containers, wooden containers, etc.

A wide choice of different sizes of boxes is available from 0.5 m² to more than 100 m². The box door closing system is personal. The small boxes have a classic door, and the large ones have a metal curtain. At a minimum, access is free and open during the opening hours of the establishment’s reception, 

Although you should also verify employee access. Most storage centres do not provide employee access. Some contracts provide for moving your things from one storage space to another, at their discretion. To manage the installation, show visitors, have rental agreements signed, clean the site, sell boxes, and watch the cameras.

Indeed, the particularity of Philadelphia self storage offers ultra-secure storage spaces. Video surveillance, cameras, digital code, electronic gate, lighting, alarms are regularly used in the centres to keep your goods serene.

In terms of invoicing, the rent is taken monthly. However, it is possible to pay several months at once to obtain discounts. The price of an individual box varies according to several criteria such as location, size, quality of the installation, the filling rate of the centre, the promotions granted. 

There are several types of individual boxing. Indoors, the storage room will be located in a secure building upstairs or on the ground floor. Outside, most often a sea ​​container in a closed and secure enclosure. It is possible to find storage boxes in a building with a door leading to the outside (direct access).

In general, the small boxes for rent are located in an upstairs building. They are ideal for sensitive goods because the building envelope provides additional insulation. Also, the building is treated against rodents such as mice, cockroaches. And security is more potent than a box rented outside. There are more code doors to go through.

Rest assured, this has been specially designed for removals. Wheeled trolleys are also self-service to help you transport your belongings to the secure box.

Outdoor spaces are easier to access. You park your vehicle right in front of the box! Depending on the climate in your area and what you have to store, one of the two solutions may be preferable.

Benefits of having a self-storage unit

  • Moving: This is undoubtedly the main reason. With more than 4 million moves each year, many people drive to keep and store things. Moving is stressful, annoying, and sometimes tricky. The Philadelphia self-storage meets the needs of people in need of storage. Simplicity, flexibility. Concretely, a person who has to vacate his home and who does not yet have access to the new one uses the service temporarily. What will she do with her business once the old accommodation is vacated? She will put her things away in a self-service storage room.
  • Renovation of place: many of us want to improve our living environment. Redo my bathroom, repaint my room, and enjoy a modern and functional kitchen. Many people take the plunge and start renovating. More or less important, depending on the project, doing work generates dust and risks damaging furniture (knocks). Without forgetting that when starting position, it is advisable to have enough room to move the materials. Storing some of the objects in a self-service box can be an excellent solution while the room, bathroom, kitchen, or living room is finished.
  • Smaller living space: Moving into smaller accommodation is more and more common. Either to save on the rent of the house or to live in a safer neighbourhood, more beautiful, or closer to his work. But reducing the living space is not easy. Where to put all that we had? The other solution is to keep certain things, generally those which have sentimental and emotional value. These people turn to self-service storage and use the individual storage box to extend their home. Clutter is likely to have crowded housing: a closet is overflowing with clothes or shoes. If you need additional space, the rental of a self-access storage unit is a solution.
  • School holidays: a large number of students use this formula for temporary storage. They put away books, boxes, small pieces of furniture: no more colocation, a student room or studio. During the holidays, the accommodation must be vacated. Students store near their university, business school, engineering school, etc., while waiting for the school year or the end of the internship. 

Philadelphia self-storage consists of having secure storage spaces of varying sizes (storage boxes) available for a short or long period to tidy up, archive, or store goods, objects, and furniture. Philadelphia self-storage can be suitable for both individuals and professionals.

Most of the persons mostly make use of a self-storage box as part of a move. It is a temporary use, which allows you to properly store all your goods or furniture between the movement and the development of the new home by choosing a strategic location.

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