Serial Entrepreneur Loud Packs Jay: Success Across Industries

Loud Packs Jay, also known as Big Smokey, has always been an entrepreneur at heart. He started learning about different industries and researching ways he could make a living as a business owner from a young age. To get his start, Jay pursued several different jobs and side gigs across different industries in hopes of finding early success. He went on to work several retail jobs, take a dive into the music scene with a short rap career, and earn a healthcare degree that he wouldn’t get much use out of. Loud Packs Jay finally found what he was looking for after taking a step into the cannabis industry.

Getting into the cannabis industry at the start of legalization, Jay would become a leading pioneer in the industry, creating brands that would produce a plethora of award-winning THC products. Loud Packs Jay saw incredible success with his cannabis brands, and it became his bread and butter business. With newfound success, Jay has begun to expand his brand, creating new revenue streams.

Finding Yourself

Not only in the business world, but in our lives, we have all gone through the time of finding ourselves, of finding our right passions and niches in which we feel comfortable and happy. That’s why you have to allow yourself time and try different things as Jay has done.

Jay first moved on to his clothing line, Loud Packs, which saw immediate success. Loud Packs clothing made a wave in the West Coast urban scene and received celebrity endorsement from well-known figures. After establishing a successful clothing line, Jay moved on to other ventures. He took a dive into the food industry and surfaced with two different BBQ restaurants that have since been well received by the public. After more successful ventures, Loud Packs Jay began looking to his roots in the music industry, calling back to his rap career in the past and the connections he made along the way.

Loud Packs Jay spent several years traveling around North America hosting music-related events and festivals through a partnership with California Finest and High Times Magazine. Jay entertained main stages, energizing crowds of over 30,000 people. Through the events Jay hosted, he made many industry connections and worked alongside major artists like 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, MGK, 2 Chainz, Trippie Redd, and the late Juice WRLD. He was also able to grow a brand as a public figure during this time, growing his social media platforms to almost half a million followers.

The Importance of Building a Solid Network

Using his network in the music industry, Loud Packs Jay founded Big Smokey Productions, which is a self-described classy music label with no limits or boundaries, working with all kinds of artists and genres. Through his connections, Loud Packs Jay is able to reach out and acquire big-name features for his artists and expose them to prominent figures in the industry: “I make people famous.”

Big Smokey Productions, in addition to developing artists, also runs a podcast and a radio show, both of which have received wide acclaim in their niches. The production company also has plans to keep expanding into different content mediums, with hopes to create high-budget content for social media and television in the future.

Finding success across many industries, Loud Packs Jay continues to grow his empire and make an impressive name for himself.

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