Service Five to Give Businesses a Boost With Access to Additional Personnel for Support

Thanks to Service Five, businesses that are understaffed, overloaded with work, or just need some additional skilled workers can now get precisely that through its technology-driven platform. In simple terms, the company connects businesses with professionals who are willing to work remotely. The platform uses technology to provide strategic business support in the form of team-based personnel.

Their aim is to utilize expert and remote service providers to save businesses the stress of hiring full-time employees who may not be complete experts. The company employs the experience and industry knowledge of its business management consultants to provide a team that gives optimal support whenever it is required. The consultants use a customized plan to provide top-notch talent and lower HR costs for businesses.

Businesses are provided with a powerhouse of talents according to specified parameters and preferences. The company ensures that each member of the team acts in line with the laid down business model. They also ensure that remote team members focus on business growth plan, create solutions and adapt to company culture with every project handled.

While the team is remote, Service Five gives business owners access to their team through a single portal. Through the portal, business owners and managers have access to clear communication tools, project management and tracking tools and round the clock support.

As a true advocate for finding new solutions, Shalini Shay, CEO of Service Five, came up with the idea to bridge the gaps that usually come up as a company grows. Through her experience with a variety of industries at different levels of the management structure, she acquired the knowledge and expert insight needed to connect growing businesses to the skilled help they require.

Currently, the company provides services that span across event management, executive management, human resource management, marketing solutions and project management. These services are presently provided to limited industries including Aerospace/ Engineering, Construction, Healthcare/ Medical, Legal, Manufacturing and Technology.

Service Five is committed to giving back to the communities. Their mission is to remove the restraints of location to connect companies to talented individuals to create flexible employment opportunities, reduce overhead costs and encourage business growth. They aim to be the industry leader in providing remote, highly-qualified partners who provide top-notch service for businesses world-wide. The company is dedicated to building relationships with companies and experts that focus solely on achieving big picture goals while serving with efficiency and attention to detail.

About Service Five Founder, Shalini Sahay, President/CEO

Service Five was founded by Shalini Sahay in 2018 in Torrance, California as an organization that focuses on five of the most important aspects of every business: marketing solutions, event planning, executive team management, project management and recruiting & human resource management.

CEO, Shalini Sahay, has been honing her top-notch professional skills across various industries in some facets of business—including three years of essential growth at Herbalife. She moved on to apply and build on that experience with several years at JR-286 where she partnered with world-wide distributed brands such as Nike, Speedo, Under-Armour and Fila.

Ms. Sahay recognized a need for connecting businesses with top talent, regardless of location, after working side-by-side for CEOs of multi-million-dollar corporations. She knows today’s business climate had a need for a flexible, global, on-the-spot service that works along-side an organization to accomplish the goals of business owners on their budget and timeline.

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