Setting the Standards High for Others in the Car Rental Industry Is Kristan De Graaf with His Brands Elite Rentals Dubai and Elite Yachts Dubai

Today, when people talk about the success stories of individuals, especially youngsters, we get to know so many things that these determined individuals have been doing in their journeys to reach where they are today. The more we talk about the different qualities that these youngsters exude in their quest to become a successful story, the more we feel like discussing it, for others to take inspiration. Kristan de Graaf has been that youngster from Amsterdam, who is definitely setting the standards high in the business world with his passion for cars, running a successful car rental and yachts business in Dubai.

This young man is half Thai and half Dutch, and since his early years, understood the value of time and money both. Hence, to go ahead with making it in his career, he started with betting on live sports matches. He was only 17 at that time, but as a teenager also he understood its and bits of doing business, which later helped him make huge amounts of money through betting. While doing so, he realized the skills he possesses to take the car rental industry by storm, after learning the growth and potential it promised.

Kristan de Graaf then shifted to the UAE for pursuing these dreams of his and worked towards setting up his Elite car and yacht agency in Dubai. Ask Kristan de Graaf, why he chose Dubai and the youngster quickly replies, “It is the other way round; I believe Dubai chose me.” The youngster today is a successful name in the car rental industry of the UAE with his brands called ‘Elite Rentals Dubai’ and ‘Elite Yachts Dubai’. His brand has expanded itself with more than 60 supercars and a fleet of more than 30 superyachts as well, promising its customers, all the comfort and luxuriousness they need life or can dream about.

The wealth this young man has accumulated through his successful business also made him a part of a program, which is about all those wealthy men who live life king size, with also women for entertainment. The documentary film went viral and became an instant hit in the Netherlands.

In the coming years, Kristan de Graaf wishes to grow his business manifold and expand to other parts of the world as well, offering the most unique yachts and supercars with his brand. Wait no more for all your dreams to come true in the form of luxuriousness that Elite Rentals Dubai offer and visit their website, or follow the young businessman on Instagram @kristandegraaf.

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