Sezgin Mangjuka Digital Expert in Kosovo

Sezgin Mangjuka Digital Expert in Kosovo

You know it is said that time is a man’s biggest friend and foe. One needs to be absolutely perfect in managing his time cause we have only got a handful of it. One needs to properly utilize his time accordingly in order to make the most of situations.

When asked Sezgin Mangjuka that how he achieved so much at a very young age, he replied by saying time is the most valuable asset one can understand, nothing happens overnight it takes a lot of to achieve something. Success is a slow process but it is completely worth it.

Sezgin Mangjuka is a Digital entrepreneur Born and brought up in Kosovo. He was born on 1 April 1994. He is the founder and the current CEO of Pixatronix. Pixatronix is a complete digital media agency that partners with all sorts of businesses to take their business online and help them in Connecting with Modern Technology.

Sezgin had a very rough start, in the beginning, he has a very traumatic experience attached with him from his high school. He actually failed his class 10, his classmates thought that he would not be able to do something better in life, It was really frustrating for him to go through that phase. But even though he was not that good at studies but he was never a quitter.

So he again pushed himself up and tried to complete his basic education through distance learning, he failed again in his 12th class. It was very bad for him, but he sure knew one thing that he might be bad at remembering dates and maybe solving equations but he can sure be a great digital Leader.

He completely started focusing on increasing his knowledge through reading. He started learning a lot about all the aspects of digital marketing. He really marketing digitally as he says that through digital marketing one can see the result in a short span of time and can make adjustments to their strategy accordingly. He actually realized that his interest made him really good in marketing.

Due to Sezgin Mangjuka’s creative thinking and perfect execution, his firm became one the most successful firm’s in Kosovo, making him one of the youngest self-made millionaires in his Country. As of now, his firm is handling the social media of many famous politicians and celebrities in the world. Even after achieving so much at such a young he always stays humble and lives in the reality of the world.

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