Shalisse Townes, AKA Leash Da BEAAST Making Life-Changing and Inspirational Music

Leash Da BEAAST’s foray into music was not accidental. Born Shalisse Townes in Brooklyn, New York, she was surrounded by music. Her family of singers and rappers played a major role in her upbringing, so it was only natural for the music spirit to manifest at some point. Leash Da BEAAST started music production when she was 14, and her insatiable desire to explore the arts made her pick up a camera to start video directing in 2012.

In 2015, she decided to take her music artist career professionally and officially created her brand, BEAAST, an acronym for “Be Everyone’s Aspiration and Stay True.” Being the shy and introverted one in the family, music was her way of expressing herself and getting into a new world entirely.

She focused on both her music and filming, and as part of her musical strategy, she released two debut EPs titled V-Day Play and Oneite. Her first single from the EO, Oneite, titled “Come Outside,” made waves and was the perfect introduction of the rising star to the music world. Leash Da BEAAST is forging ahead in her music journey as an independent artist.

Her vision is to rise to the top of the entertainment industry without changing her style or sound. In her words, “I am well-vested in the pop and mainstream culture and want to redefine how artists shape themselves to fit into these genres even without the backing of a label. My music is mainly for music millennials, and I feel like I speak the universal language of creation and innovation through my lyrics.”

Shalisse Townes makes music for young people and makes sure she passes across messages that Gen Z and Millennials can relate to. Her music revolves around positive themes, as all she wants to achieve is to evoke positive energy from her audience. “I want to make a difference and get my audience to connect with me on a deeper level,” she says.

Her skills as a talented producer and instrumentalist have given her an edge as a musician to create timeless pieces that resonate with her audience. Leash Da BEAAST has pursued her dreams at every stage of her life and wants to inspire others to do the same.

Many people all over the world are battling stress, worry, and one negative feeling or the other. Shalisse Townes wants to make music a point of escape for these people, the same way it is a form of escape for her. She looks forward to a world where people can snap out of their worries by listening to her music and the lyrics. Leash Da BEAAST has lofty plans for her career and brand over the next few years, and getting to the top of the music scene is one of those plans.

With more musical projects underway, Shalisse is taking things one step at a time, building her career and putting in the work to put out outstanding projects.

Learn more about Leash Da BEAAST on her official website and Instagram page.

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