Shalom Lamm: Entrepreneurial Tips from a CEO

According to Crunchbase, Shalom Lamm is an extremely successful entrepreneur. He is the CEO of Operation Benjamin and a self-starter in many aspects. During the ’90s, when the Jewish communities in Ukraine were in danger, he sent food and supplies to aid them. His volunteer work has been tremendous and very unique to society.

Lamm graduated from Yeshiva University and decided to take roles in real estate after graduating from Yeshiva University. Once doing so, he created a successful real estate development business. Although he went through challenges as do we all, it has made him an overall stronger individual.

That is why his entrepreneurial attitude has gotten him so far as a successful chief executive officer in the real estate industry. Lamm insists that if a person is passionate about something, they will be able to successfully fulfill their passion. In other words, do one’s best to achieve the goals one’s set. There lies the recipe for success in business and entrepreneurship.

Lamm’s first tip is to believe in oneself. If someone is constantly doubting themselves, their negative energy will translate into their work. It’s unfortunate that people of all ages, even younger generations, don’t do the same amount of public service as Lamm does on an annual basis. His passion for doing volunteer work translates into many other parts and facets of his work. As the Chief Executive Officer of Operation Benjamin, he and his team serve the Jewish-American communities in an outstanding way. Soldiers who were buried under a Latin Cross can have their heritage restored with such an organization. The organization reaches out to the government, free of cost to the family, and starts the timely process of getting the proper Jewish burial to take place. This process takes months of work and since it is a non-profit, it amplifies how important it is, especially to Lamm.

Lamm is also a well recognized public speaker; a tool he uses to advance various noble and philanthropic endeavors he is engaged in. This is a very important aspect of entrepreneurship. Having a strong and deliverable tone of voice makes an organization, company, and so forth seem much more legitimate. Many entrepreneurs are discouraged when it comes to public speaking when it is actually a very important activity to practice. Lamm recommends practicing with family, then close friends, first, so they may critique one’s presentation prior to putting oneself before a crowd of people. In addition, an important aspect of entrepreneurship is strategic planning. In other words, having a plan for almost everything is something only the most successful people have. Being able to manage others, pass along orders in a timely manner, and establish responsibility for tasks, is of the utmost importance for an entrepreneur. Strategic planning takes a lot more effort than most enterprises comprehend. Optimizing the organization’s influence and the framework takes a special person to do. That is why Lamm has been nominated for such honorable positions.

Lastly, having very crisp management techniques makes for a great entrepreneur. This is because if a person can lead a team to success, the company will inevitably grow. Many times, there are leaders who doubt the utility and prospective success of their various efforts and initiatives. With a strong leader, like Lamm, organizations are not likely to fail. Managing people does not only mean assigning tasks and assignments, but it also means checking up on their well-being. Some of the best leaders in the world have gained such renowned titles only because while they plan strategically, they also check on their employees regularly and ensure their rapport with their team members if maintained and consistently a positive one. Having campaign goals, communication strategies, budgeting, or financial meetings, mean nothing if the team isn’t all on the same page.

According to Lamm, entrepreneurs start with an idea and grow it into a family of ideals. Along with that, people join the team and grow the business in a significant way. To Lamm, entrepreneurs can only be successful if the roots are planted in the healthiest soil. Although starting a business is difficult and time-consuming, the end result can be spectacular. Lamm believes that with these steps any person can see success in their future.

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