Shehan Chandrasoma And the Power of Drive and Determination.

Shehan Chandrasoma knows only one gear. In racing and in life, he keeps it in “drive.”

This relentless pursuit goes by many names. It’s often described as dedication or determination. It’s occasionally referred to as grit. Adjectives like dogged, persistent, or persevering are routinely attached to this kind of single-mindedness. 

But, Shehan Chandrasoma knows that the label doesn’t matter. No matter what you call it, he embodies it.

That’s why he has enjoyed so much success at such a young age. At just 19 years old, he made his official racing debut. He has started to participate in the Lamborghini Super Trofeo North America in 2022. Already, he’s earned a major endorsement and sponsorship deal with Lamborghini of Austin. And his tenacity is turning heads.

“We’re incredibly excited to be a part of this exceptional young man’s career,” Jeremy Jaramillo, Marketing Manager at Lamborghini of Austin, said when announcing the deal.

“Be sure to keep an eye out for him in upcoming races. We are sure he is going to take the world by storm.” 

Despite his immense talent, Shehan Chandrasoma is unwavering. No obstacles can derail him from his path. Talent alone isn’t enough. It requires discipline and focus. Fortunately, this is a blueprint others can follow too. 

Here, the racing prodigy shares his journey in hopes of inspiring others to pursue their own dreams.

Starting at a young age

Shehan Chandrasoma’s rise has been meteoric. But it hasn’t happened overnight either.

Some might even argue that gasoline has been in his blood since birth. According to his parents, his first word was actually “car.” At just two years old, Shehan Chandrasoma was gifted a toy go-cart. From this young age, it has been pedal to the metal ever since. The Austin, TX native even received his professional driver’s license at only 14 years old. 

This early start has been a driving force behind his success. Shehan Chandrasoma ascribes to the “10,000-hour rule” popularized by author Malcolm Gladwell. While there’s some discussion over the merits of practice vs. teaching, Shehan Chandrasoma has undoubtedly learned from experience. Countless hours (and laps) on the track have propelled him forward.

Accomplishing goals early

Shehan Chandrasoma is running (and driving) circles around the competition.

With only five years of professional experience under his belt, he’s already racked up podiums, hardware, and notoriety.

Shortly after making his professional debut, Shehan Chandrasoma took third place at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca in Monterey County, California. Last month, he took home a first-place finish. Participating in the Lamborghini Super Trofeo race in New Orleans, he won by a staggering 8.5-second margin. His time is in alignment with other, more experienced professional drivers. Next up is the Watkins Glen International in New York from June 23 to June 25.

Logging all this experience has helped Shehan Chandrasoma climb the leader boards too. He’s currently ranked #32 in the TC America World Challenge series and #60 overall in the Hoosier Racing Tire SCCA Super Tour.

Extending beyond the track

Racing isn’t the only thing that fuels Shehan Chandrasoma.

He is exceedingly committed to endeavors off the track as well. While racing professionally, he has simultaneously attended Baylor University, where he has maintained a 4.0 GPA and was named to the Dean’s List. As if this isn’t impressive enough, he graduated from high school with Magna Cum Laude honors from Westlake High School. Here, he also performed as an accomplished pianist and cellist.

Yet Shehan Chandrasoma isn’t just about improving his own life. He’s passionate about charity too. In addition to partnering with various organizations, like Habitat for Humanity, Ferrari Kid, and CC4C, the professional driver has also earned Eagle Scout honors, the Boy Scouts of America’s highest ranking.

What’s next for Shehan Chandrasoma?

Shehan Chandrasoma isn’t looking in the rear view mirror. He isn’t resting on his laurels. He’s focused on the road ahead.

Shehan Chandrasoma is a man on a mission. He strives to be the best. While this sounds daunting, this is what keeps the racing prodigy rolling. He isn’t content with podiums alone. On the track, he dreams of competing in Formula 1 before eventually running his own racing team.

And he’s already demonstrated that these lofty aspirations are in reach. For him, it’s continuing to grind. Pouring himself into every opportunity and overcoming any obstacle.

Behind the wheel or in his personal life, Shehan Chandrasoma just wants to keep driving.

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