Shining a Light: This Long-Distance Moving Mogul is Ready to Disrupt the Industry

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Anyway you slice it, moving is a pain. So we know that when people decide to move, they usually have a really good reason for it. Here are the top five reasons Americans cite for moving:

  • Upsizing or downsizing a home
  • Job relocation
  • Marriage or retirement
  • Wanting to change neighborhoods
  • To save money

In short, it’s the vision of a better life in a new home that entices over 40 million Americans to move each year. And one small business is on a mission to make that vision happen without the nightmare that too often accompanies long-distance moves.

Verified Movers, headed by CEO Eugene Tolk, is a business dedicated to helping people find the best moving solutions. The user-friendly platform fulfills its mission in three ways: 

  • It gathers reviews — written by people just like you — for nationwide professional long-distance movers.
  • It also offers reputable cross-country moving companies the opportunity to create their own profiles and promote their services.
  • Users can also find expert advice from moving guides to helpful tips and general information.

While Eugene and his platform are not likely to change the way Americans view moving overnight, he does hope to entice more people to look at the positive sides of it. Moving offers the opportunity for a fresh start. So if you’re facing a big move, take a page from Eugene’s book and focus on your new and improved life vision.  

Not Your Typical Entrepreneur

Of course, Eugene isn’t your typical entrepreneur. He isn’t simply focused on delivering an incredible service to his clients on an individual basis, though this is definitely his top priority. But he actually has bigger plans for disrupting the entire moving industry. 

Eugene’s experience in the industry goes back a long time. He started in sales, learning everything he could from the inside before starting his own small moving company in West Palm Beach, FL. This is when Eugene first realized how many moving companies cut corners, fail to have the necessary equipment, and use underhanded tactics like writing fake reviews, coercing customers into spending more, etc.

“I knew we, as an industry, could do better,” says Eugene. “But until Verified Movers came along, the average consumer had no simple way of verifying the quality of any particular company.”

So Eugene started Verified Movers to help consumers make better decisions when moving long-distance. He envisioned a one-stop platform where consumers could read reviews, find out about reputable companies that couldn’t afford the ad-spend of the giants in the industry, and get tips to make their moving experience less stressful.

Now, in a matter of minutes, anyone looking to make a cross-country move can get all the information they need to choose the moving company that’s right for them. But what’s truly impressive to Eugene is how this small change — creating access to an easy, consumer-driven rating system — has had huge ripple effects. 

“The quickest way to disrupt an industry in need of disruption is to let the light shine in,” says Eugene, and adds “When consumers have what they need to make an informed choice, they will. It’s really that simple”.

Okay, so how do you ensure that you have all the information you need to make an informed choice? Keep reading to find out!

3 Simple Steps to Find the Right Long-Distance Moving Company:

While it’s easy to recommend that you focus on your vision for a better life, it’s much harder to put this into practice. Given the fact that even the smoothest moves can be stressful, we want to leave you with three simple steps to get you started on your research:

Step 1: Find four or five companies that offer the services you need.

“One good way to protect yourself during the moving process is to research your options,” says Eugene. “Even if you feel like you don’t know where to start, you can figure out what you need and do a search until you find a few options.” Do you need movers who can handle a piano? Do you have some precious antiques you need to move across the country? Do you need help with packing or just the heavy lifting?

The biggest thing that stops people from taking this step is time. If you start planning less than eight weeks before your relocation date, you could end up in a time crunch and be forced to go with what’s available instead of what’s best for you. So make sure to give yourself the time you need to feel comfortable choosing among a few good options.

Step 2: Compare moving quotes.

Once you have narrowed down your list of moving companies to four or five options, it’s time to ask for and compare quotes. “Keep in mind, though, that you are almost never looking for the cheapest option,” says Eugene. “Reputable companies are not usually cheap. They are often affordable, but not cheap.” Look for a strong quality to affordability ratio within your budget.

Step 3: Do a background check on your top choices.

Finally, once you’ve landed on a particular company, it’s time to ask around and do a background check. When companies have a reputation for being excellent or, the complete opposite, fraudulent, it will be easy to discover. As soon as you start searching, you’ll find everything you need to know, especially if you’re using Verified Movers.

After doing your background check, if you find something concerning, feel free to return to step one and dig a bit deeper. Going through these three steps shouldn’t take long, but this is not the place to cut corners. What’s important is that you take your time and make a decision you’re comfortable with. You can find these three steps and other useful tips in Verified Movers’ Ultimate Guide for a Long-Distance Move.

The moving process might be tough but a little planning can go a long way. “Too many people find themselves feeling totally alone in the moving process,” says Eugene. “I started Verified Movers because I felt that there needed to be someone looking out for ‘the little guy’ that just wants a stress-free move.” 

Isn’t it refreshing to have the ability to discover a company that’s looking out for your best interests?

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