Shocking! Hollywood Celebs who left the Limelight for Regular Jobs

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Several people are unbelievably talented but never made it to celebrity status, unfortunately. Meanwhile, some celebrities got a glimpse of the limelight and realized they would rather be away from it. In other situations, it takes more than one breakthrough role to dominate in Hollywood and some stars just never had their second shot.

Whichever reason, here are some Hollywood favourites that ended up choosing a diverse career path:

Jonas Brothers; Kevin Jonas

Out of the Jonas Brothers, Kevin Jonas, the eldest of the duo, did some contractor work in his lifetime. The contractor business happened after his big break, playing Jason in Disney’s Camp Rock. Presently, he is a co-founder of Jonas Werner Fine Custom Homes.

Ariana Richards

Jurassic Park is a movie loved by all, both old and young, and Lex Murphy was a favourite character in the film. Ariana, who played the role, started a family with Mark Bolton, a stuntman and retired Irish Defence soldier.

Ariana is still in the world of art but now as a certified portrait artist with a gallery in Oregon. In 2015, they shared the news about welcoming their first baby girl into the family.

Phoebe Cates Kline

Kline, popularly known for her role in Gremlins as Kate Beringer, also tops the list of the stars who quit Hollywood. She is married to Kevin Kline, an actor she met in 1983 while on set.

Although he is still in the Hollywood business, they both live in NYC, where she owns her fashion boutique. In 2005, Phoebe debuted Blue Tree on Madison avenue.

Erik Estrada

Before quitting, the world gained the privilege of witnessing Erik Estrada on screen as the famous “Ponch” Poncherello on CHiPS. The police drama TV series gained max attention in 2017 when it was released. Erik was a co-star on the show, playing the role of officer Francis Llewelyn.

Perhaps the series awakened a distant passion because the Hollywood icon later became a reserve police officer. Erik has reportedly been serving in St. Anthony, Idaho, since 2016.

Olsen twins

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen had a fast rise to stardom as children. Outside Hollywood, they are likely the most popular twins globally. The famous duo launched their showbiz career in the “Full House” sitcom, playing the “Michelle Tanner” character.

Afterwards, they appeared in a variety of teen comedy shows. It was a sad moment for Hollywood when the beloved Olsen twins retired in the 2010s. Currently, they are renowned designers in the fashion industry, where they dominate with their luxurious clothing line, The Row.

Jennifer Stone

It is impossible to discuss Jennifer’s Hollywood success without mentioning Disney. She is known for her role as Harper in the movie, Wizards of Waverly Place. Another star that acted alongside her is Selena Gomez.

The former Disney youngster quit Hollywood to become a nurse. Jennifer, who is a registered nurse, has been helping with the long battle against Covid-19.

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