Short Men – It Might Be Time For Some New Elevator Shoes

It cannot be denied – beauty standards are impossible to ignore in our daily lives, and this is no longer seen as only affecting women. Men certainly feel the pressures to look their best in order to be taken seriously and found attractive.

One of the most pressure-inducing standards for men today is height – ask any guy that uses a dating app. Women tend to pursue men who are taller than them for a variety of reasons, some are even subconscious reasons, and a tall stature tends to give men an air of confidence and respectability in various other areas of life as well. 

So, what is a shorter man to do? It seems like an unfair standard since your height is surely unchangeable once you have reached adulthood. If you have had these thoughts yourself, it may be time to look into GuidoMaggi elevator shoes to give you that boost of height and boost of confidence. 

What are Those?

Elevator shoes are footwear that has ‘lifts’ in the insole. This is a section inside the shoe, under the area where the heel of the foot goes, that is subtly thicker in order to lift the wearer’s height. This clever footwear is known by many names – height increasing shoes, lift shoes, tall shoes, favourite shoes by those who own them.

This is because the best part is that it is not obvious from the outside of the shoe that they are adding this extra height. To any onlooker, the shoe appears to be a normal dress shoe, business brogue or walking sneaker; so, you don’t have to feel self-conscious or shy about anyone else’s opinions on your extra help. It’s between you and the shoe. 

Elevator shoes can be your best tool in achieving that extra height you’ve been needing. You won’t find many other methods of seamlessly adding 2 – 5 inches to your overall height in such a way that you don’t look unnatural or strange.

And because there are so many different makers and sellers of elevator shoes (a quick google search will show you just that), this is a convenient as well as fashionable option. You will be able to find options of footwear to wear in different settings in your life with whatever clothing you are wearing, so being taller will take nothing more than slipping on your shoes.

No need to take dodgy vitamins or put yourself through torturous stretching exercises, hence this is also the safest height enhancement you can find that is this effective. 

It’s a Tall Man’s World

Some may ask, why should I care about being tall? and if you can express the confidence of being a tall man without the actual height, then good on you sir. But scientific and psychological studies have shown that there are many advantages in how people perceive tall men and therefore interact with them, and increasing your own height might help you reap those benefits. 

For one thing, studies have found that women find taller men more attractive and that they more readily accept their romantic advances. Psychologists have various theories as to why this is: it could be an evolutionary preference as women might subconsciously feel safer with a partner that can physically shield them from danger.

Some studies have revealed that when we have to physically look up to someone taller, we subconsciously equate this to them being stronger and having superior qualities. It could also be a result of the influence of society and media – as the more women are exposed to the stereotype of the ‘tall, dark, and handsome man as the perfect love interest, the more they are sure to desire these qualities in real-life partners.

Dutch psychologists Stulp, Buunk, and Pollet found in their 2013 research that not only did women prefer to be with men who were taller than them, but they actually tended to want men significantly taller – around 8 inches difference!

Even in just casual, social and day-to-day interactions people tend to see tall men as more mature, put together and dominant. This carries over into business interactions as well.

The Wall Street Journal and other publications support the claim that the majority of CEOs and company chief executives are above average height, and there are all kinds of research stating how and why taller men do better in the business world.

Part of this could be simply because of the better eye contact achieved when you are taller – establishing reciprocity, trust, and openness in any relationship. The business advantages could also be attributed to some of the components mentioned above – the assumptions of dominance, strength and superiority that comes with being tall.

At the end of the day, it could just be that height gives men confidence and with confidence comes success. 

Added Advantages

With all of these benefits of being taller in mind, elevator shoes can also offer health benefits aside from the additional height. They have been shown to improve posture by helping the wearer to walk with their back straight and shoulders square, without impacting the knees or feet in the way that high-heels or platform shoes might.

And this is a cyclical benefit since having improved posture is not only good for your health but will also help you look taller and more attractive! 

Additionally, some elevator shoe companies offer the option of specific measurements for each shoe for clients who have leg asymmetry, or different leg lengths. This is a condition that can lead to back pain, muscle tension, and potentially serious conditions such as scoliosis if left untreated.

Certain elevator shoes can assist the spine to be in a more natural and comfortable position, especially where custom measurements can be utilised. 

In Short

If your shorter stature has caused you grief and made you feel less than, you deserve to find something that can help you feel like you are being taken seriously and being respected, even adored.

Elevator shoes are not going to drastically change who you are (and there’s no need for that anyway), but you’d be surprised at the difference that a few inches of height can make to a man’s confidence and the way in which he is perceived. Looking at all of the benefits listed above, what have you got to lose?

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