Show Stoppers the Band Is Ready to Go Big in 2021 With Their Amazing Music

Nature is girded with music in all spheres from chirping birds to sound of waterfalls, every sound amuses us.Even our human body also works in contrast with music. Music has now become an ultimate tool to express one’s mood.

Showstoppers the band has registered itself in golden words in the industry by their unique skills and astonishing determination. This musical clan consists of six legendary musicians called Bhuvan vikram singh, Rao Gaurav, DJ Abhi India, Rinku Malhotra, Tarun and the charming Shipra Bagh.

Now in this era of cringe remixing, the show stoppers saved us with their top notch music. In a country like India, with such a large diversity, they researched the taste of people and served them music so smoothly that every single person of the nation connected with them vibrantly.

Introducing DJ in bands was an extraordinary unique idea and DJ Abhi accomplished this task very smoothly. He is an international acclaimed DJ who has worked for famous music labels like T-Series, Speed Records, 9x Tashan and Jass Records.

Rinku Malhotra acts like Redbull for the band , the energy and his passion for music can be clearly seen from the dhol beats.

The vocals of Rao Gaurav and Shipra Bagh mesmerise the audience in such a way that Earth seems like heaven. It’s the hard vocal training and their dedication that helps them to connect with the feel of the audience.

Bhuvan Vikram Singh is the real king of the band who carry the whole team with him. He is one of the finest talent one can ever see in the entire industry, from MTV shows to hosting live concerts, everytime he has proved himself magnificently.

Even after such amazing achievements, the band is still unstoppable and we will be embraced by their future projects soon.

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