Shyan Ranje, the Iranian – American Director and Stylist

The anticipation brought about through silence is a quality Shy Ranje knows entirely well. At one moment a stylist, the next an elusive entity that we have yet to hear from since the age of 20 when Shy Ranje spoke to VMAN magazine, “Now I’m transitioning into creative directing, which is something I’ve been doing forever just on a smaller scale.” 

On various but unverified media outlets, as well as Shyan’s website, there are claims he has been behind the camera once again but we have been left with no signs of a return. Remaining, are what seem to us to be his stylistic essence, and editorial works with actors such as Micheal Shannon another artist who also seems to understand the language of elusivity since the public has hardly seen him since Tom Ford’s “Nocturnal Animals.”

Drawing parallels between Tom Ford and Shyan, who both started in the worlds of fashion, we hope that the stylist who built a digital reputation, also telling VMAN magazine. I never envisioned I’d be a “stylist,” but people always trusted my creative knowledge and judgment. I was placed in situations where I could start learning the politics of the fashion world,” returns with an expansive lens, working with new mediums as his website and last public interview makes claims of.

The elusivity of the stylist/director spans across his social media platforms as well. On social media platforms such as his Instagram, we are informed by his short bio he is “Unlearning in Paris” and the most updated photos are found in his tagged section sitting amongst socialites front row at fashion week shows, in distant paparazzi photos, and miscellaneous images of his various hairstyles.


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