Mohsen Avid

Singing is a Science, you Should try to Achieve it, Lecture by Mohsen Avid ( Parhizkar ) at the University of Tehran

At the University of Tehran, Mohsen recently invited the people and students present at the conference to study music in order to take the right step in music and to observe all-round principles. In some of his speeches, he mentioned the following:
It can be said that I have not left much room in the past and I have worked step by step for the path I have taken, not only for myself but also for the progress of all those who work with me.

Maybe the only thing I didn’t do was get a lot of good offers from the producers and I didn’t accept them, but I don’t regret it. Certainly not being an investor has made our job difficult, but I can not put myself in a frame that I do not accept because I have my own ideology and style and the most important thing in life for me is to be satisfied with my choices and actions in my privacy. And do not do anything for the sake of my own interests.

Mohsen is not a definition of himself, but let me say that he has complete mastery over the science of music and all stages of making music. This includes composing and orchestral arrangement, except for complete mastery of vocal techniques and meaningful combination of styles.

I have seen many times that creatively uses a special combination of musical rules to achieve something new in the pieces and also conducts the orchestra and choir, which is not limited to giving rhythm, dynamics or input and output of instruments, but carefully and note by note. They work with musicians and choirs to bring all members to the same level of readiness, and this is one of the features that sets Mohsen Avid apart from other singers.

Mohsen continued: 99% of music is science and 1% is art. Music is the language of God; Contrary to many people’s beliefs, music is not for fun and entertainment; Music is a great science that all the great scientists of the world have talked about. 99% of music is science and 1% is art, which may be divine or earthly.

Since the end of World War II, the German people have suffered from strange violence; Scientists consulted to find a way to solve this problem; They concluded that music is the best way to cure violence; Then they started teaching and running music programs in schools and academies.

The most important factor in rebuilding a city is culture. Sound is one of the external phenomena that our senses perceive and it can feel pleasant, and in this case, I think it is an attribute of sound that makes it pleasant or unpleasant to the ear, and not an effect that results from its abnormal intensity. Is obtained and is the only property of material objects that appears in all directions.

Music in any genre will ultimately help you find yourself

Mohsen Avid has more than 30,000 followers on Instagram and his Instagram ID is (avid_official), he has spent many years studying music in different countries, and finally by passing courses and returning to Iran, Avae Honar Company Has established and more than 500 students have succeeded in obtaining a degree in music theory from this company.

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