Sink Into Your True Consciousness With The Expansion Method, Shai Tubali’s Profound Self-Empowering Experience.

They say that approximately 70% of the population experiences at least one type of trauma worldwide. However, 20% of people who share a traumatic event develop PTSD. So, in a severe time of need, how can we overcome this? 

By expanding our consciousness to heal ourselves.

Consciousness is perhaps the biggest riddle in nature but is often described as humanity’s ultimate intelligence. It allows us to be aware of our surroundings and inner state. However, your mind is not only made up of thoughts and emotions. For society, thinking cannot be our reliable source of doubt-free and explicit action because it is the source of our conflicts and confusion. 

This is why we need a different source inside us that takes us beyond our thinking, so what if we instead suggest that consciousness is mainly made up of awareness that can significantly expand? 

What if your awareness could expand so vastly that you could experience going beyond the familiar boundaries of your usual self? “By allowing this expansion, you can experience happiness and contentment. Your suffering dissolves. You feel light and free. And your body becomes healthier as if there is more space for inner flow and breathing,” says spiritual teacher Shai Tubali, an expert in the field of meditation and inner transformation.

It is not the power of the ordinary life, finite will, or human mind – but it transcends these due to a higher order than the physical or mental state. However, not many people realize this great potential is hiding within. 

As human beings, we spend most of our lives in lower consciousness states, where we are principally concerned with ourselves and our narrowly defined success. However, at rare moments when there are no threats or demands upon us, when we are open to music or nature, or when our mind is in a relaxed, receptive, and listening state, we may have the privilege of experiencing the higher self. 

When Shai Tubali, a leading authority in the field of self-development and empowerment, an international speaker, and an academic philosopher, reached a universal awakening when he was just 23 years old, he vowed to help others rediscover themselves – for themselves.

After becoming aware of the source of his awareness during a silent retreat in Sinai, Egypt, the revelation brought his mind to a complete standstill.

“The whole chain of time and continuity broke at that moment. There was complete stillness as if the whole world simply paused,” shares Tubali. 

This experience is what Buddhists call “the realization of the no-self.” From this point of view, status is nothing, possessions don’t matter, and even grievances lose their urgency. “When I could see that there was no self, that was the beginning of ecstasy because it was as if the seed of myself exploded in every direction. I could find myself everywhere,” says Tubali. “It was in the rocks. It was in the clouds. It was in the people; it was in the sea.” 

If anyone could experience a state of higher consciousness, they would be amazed at their transformation that caters to a newfound form of compassion and empathy – a powerful source for self-healing. When we activate our conscious minds, a resource we hardly use, we can ‘heal ourselves’ in a way our body was designed to do.

After 20 years of further inner discovery, Shai Tubali, has devoted his life to teaching others through his ability to use ancient spiritual wisdom to create practical tools for emotional healing and self-empowerment. With his leading Expansion Method, which enables people to reach higher states of consciousness to heal their traumas and make better decisions in life, Tubali’s wish is for people worldwide to learn how to become “past-free meditatively.”

For those seeking to move beyond the contraction of the mind and its resultant suffering toward a state of total expansion – to open up an authentic presence of unity, wholeness, and freedom, then using a technique with such a powerful psychological release as this makes it worthwhile. 

This is because it is a systematic way of experiencing a continuous and consistent sense of higher self rather than experiencing a rollercoaster of highs and lows during a time of standard meditation practices.

The Expansion Method is more awakening than formal meditation, and thousands worldwide have practiced it. Hundreds have professionally trained, including therapists, psychologists, and medical doctors,” says Tubali.

There are three ways that you can empower yourself with the Expansion Method. One is meeting an instructor virtually, which is highly effective in terms of thorough and meticulous transformative processes when dealing with delicate trauma. The second way is for individuals facing a challenge or difficulty in life to sign up for the 21-Day Challenge, which is designed to unlock a “rainbow of expansion processes.” 

The 21-Day Challenge is a process that has been well researched. After being tested on 350 participants by Charite, a Berlin university hospital, studies proved successful. Its findings showed significant changes in the quality of life category, reiterating that being guided by a recording can work. 

For the third option, Tubali aims to provide an efficient way for individuals to reach that higher state of consciousness and empower themselves through an app. Through his techniques offered to us in the form of online courses, meetings with a personalized instructor, or a new upcoming venture, The Expansion App, we can discover how to activate the secrets of our consciousness and thus become our source of grace and abundance.

Instead of relying on external sources, we can direct our destiny and take full responsibility for our happiness and success.

“It is about equipping you with the capacity to release the power of your consciousness to become your authority, your guru,” says Tubali. 

For any thought leaders, influencers, decision-makers, and high-performers interested in practical methods for attaining explicit, doubt-free, and past-free action in life, cleanse your mind by signing up for the scientifically proven 21-Day Challenge course or turn to one of the instructors for guidance here

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