Smiling is Contagious: How Dr. Kashani Makes an Impact on Society

While many people think a dentist is only good for treating problems, this is only partially true. For some dentists, patient satisfaction is a crucial part of the job. Just ask Dr. Isaac Kashani, D.D.S., a board-certified cosmetic dentist.

Using platforms like social media, Dr. Kashani has been able to grasp the hearts of thousands of people around the world by capturing hilarious and exciting moments for everyone to enjoy. Whether he’s telling jokes to patients, providing great tips, or making TikToks with coworkers, Dr. Kashani always maintains one thing; a bright smile!

Actually, it’s one of the main reasons why people return to his practice.

Deriving from a family of doctors, Dr. Kashani was pretty much destined to take on the medical field in some way or another. And even in his earliest of days, close friends and family would say he was born for dentistry. His positive attitude and unconditional willpower to succeed have driven him to where he is now a highly-skilled dentist, and head of the Lasting Impressions Dental Spa in Encino, California.

13 years after dental school, Dr. Kashani still enjoys every part of his career, even the moving parts. He treats every patient with professionalism and gentleness, all while putting a smile on their faces. It’s no secret that he encourages the best quality of work from his staff every day. Because of this, patients are fully satisfied and don’t have a problem coming back.

There are a few testimonials to prove this, by the way.

  • Dr. Kashani and his team post dental tips on a regular basis, with hopes of educating those who may be in question. His audiences on TikTok and IG tend to gravitate to these videos the most. A more recent dental tip video of Dr. Kashani is titled “5 Steps for Dental School.” The short but informative video lists 5 important tips a person needs to know before entering dental school. Dr. Kashani does a great job explaining the steps, and according to his comments, the viewers are learning a great deal!


  • He frequently posts funny reels as well. For example, his latest reel, “When you see your work bestie walk into the office” is pure comedy. In the clip, Dr. Kashani and a co-worker hilariously acknowledge each other by smiling and pointing at each other in the office. Not to mention Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” a ‘Titanic’ classic is dubbed over the video. It’s the perfect kind of clip to get a Monday started.


When it comes to his posts, Dr. Kashani is incredibly strategic. The board-certified dentist goes above and beyond to deliver knowledge and entertainment to his followers, and he makes sure to always begin with a smile catching Dr. Kashani without a smile on his face is a rare sighting. It works in his favor, instantly putting his viewers and patients at ease. This is where “word of mouth” comes into play.

Like many business professionals in their fields, Dr. Kashani believes that word of mouth is super important. Not only is it a great marketing tool, but WOM allows his Lasting Impressions team to see where they stand with patient satisfaction. He figures if he treats his patients with excellent care, they will spread the word and keep more business flowing through the office.

Speaking of WOM, Dr. Kashani recognizes that it comes hand-in-hand with great performance. He trains his team members to perform at the highest of their abilities, so that there are no complaints down the road.

“Even with free practices, you never want to lose sight of the people or the level of care.”

Dr. Kashani expressed this in a recent interview, while discussing those who may complain about dental appointment costs, and those who struggle to afford them.

“Dentistry isn’t free for everybody. That’s a given. But we can negotiate different prices that will make patients happier.”

Unfortunately, dental appointments can be pretty pricey, but Dr. Kashani has another resolution for this. It’s called high quality care. It doesn’t matter if it’s a patient’s 1st or 100th time in the office, Lasting Impressions is determined to live up to its name. It’s a powerful resolution, because if a patient is completely happy with the work that’s been done, the cost won’t matter to them as much.

Lasting impressions has multiple meanings,‘Dentistry built to last’ is one of them.” Dr. Kashani shared.

For those who aren’t too familiar with Dr. Kashani and his work, giving him an Instagram follow—@kashanidds–would be the perfect start.

There, you will see just how much recognition the cosmetic dentist/dental pain specialist receives on a weekly basis. His posts are entertaining, educational, and enthusiastic to say the least. But there’s something else drawing people in. While he’s approaching 50k followers, his loyal fanbase made up of colleagues, avid viewers, and patients, seem to be moved by his uplifting energy. It’s safe to say his contagious smile is definitely keeping him busy.

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