Social App Offers a New “Dimension” for Growing Your Personal Relationships

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Is there a more human emotion than the desire to connect with others? We seek out conversation, debate, compassion, and like minds to build a sense of purpose and community in our lives. But with how fast the days seem to pass by, it can often feel harder than ever to find time to focus on nurturing the connections that are most important.

Social media has certainly helped, allowing us to maintain stronger bonds with those we care about – especially people across the miles. Early platforms laid the groundwork by making these tools intuitive for different audiences as well as helping interactions feel like a natural extension of our everyday lives. But with this technology now well-established, is there a way for our digital bonds to not just be about maintaining our relationships but deepening them? 

An exciting new application, Dimensional is doing just that by helping people broaden the scope of their interpersonal connections in unexpected ways. Created by Toronto-based Dimensional Interactive Inc., the app is currently available for iOS (with an Android version launching soon) and is best described as a social self-assessment tool and relationship builder. The game-changer being how robust the analytics are in assessing the traits that make you unique and the way they can be thoughtfully contrasted with those of your friends, family, and coworkers.

Many of us have probably taken personality tests, whether in a school setting or as part of a group exercise in our careers. So, what really makes the Dimensional app different? It’s about depth. As a new user of Dimensional, you’re asked a comprehensive series of questions in multiple categories that challenge you to reflect on your core beliefs and feelings. These get compiled into results across three different elements – signature traits, signature patterns, and signature archetypes – that can then be compared to the results of those on your “friends list.”

“People are flocking to Astrology because they want to make meaning of their lives and experiences. We want to give people the same kind of guidance, but based in the science of their own, real-world personality,” said Saied Fard, Dimensional’s Co-Founder & CEO.

The more time you spend with Dimensional, it’s clear that the app can showcase the conflicting nature of our personalities and highlight how different traits balance each other out. It is very honest in celebrating what makes you unique as well as understanding what may make you and your closest relationships work, and where areas of friction may arise. It’s also an even playing field, with introverts, extroverts, and those in between able to benefit.

Maybe you’re not a good planner in your own life, but you’re an incredible listener and can be someone who excels at working with others in need of guidance. Perhaps you are friends or coworkers with a person less inherently social and can be more mindful of adjusting your outgoing energy when interacting with them. By acknowledging strengths and weaknesses concurrently, and how they may help benefit those in your life, Dimensional provides a comprehensive, holistic, map of your personality. 

“Personality testing has a bad rep because it’s usually used incorrectly. Dimensional doesn’t try to predict your future or pigeonhole you. It’s all about giving people a vocabulary and framework to describe our inner world and better understand the people around us,” said Fard.

Its assessments are also ever-changing, they grow with you and don’t put you in a permanent box. If at times you feel neutral about a topic, you can answer as such. There’s also a compound component to how the questions are asked that might eventually spark a different perspective, so you can always go back to update answers if a new lightbulb goes off. It’s an experience as human as you are.

This decade has forced us to rethink our work, social life, and relationships and Dimensional is the perfect application for who we as a culture are “right now.” The last few years have been a lesson for many of us about what is most important, and this is a great time to take inventory of personality-based assessment – perhaps to see how we have changed, not changed, and what has been replaced or reinforced because of our pandemic and post-pandemic lives.

The one constant is that social media helped us stay connected and the Dimensional app is helping to further its potential with technology that better embraces our own personalities and the personalities of those who are important to us. It’s a resource for relationships of all kinds, and with multiple uses. It’s one step closer to the long-held promise of digital intelligence helping better our lives.

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