Some of David Imonitie’s Beliefs, Inside the Mind of a Serial Entrepreneur

Being a serial entrepreneur, David knows the challenges faced by young entrepreneurs when they embark upon their journey towards greatness. He says mindset is of paramount importance, the main thing that got him through his toughest times.


As a mentor to many, David first teaches his followers the right mindset outweighs everything else. “Resourcefulness is greater than resources,” he told us. Success comes by manifesting it; you must start behaving like a successful person from day one, and eventually, you will become that person. “Being persistent and not losing your work ethic”, is the key point David Imonitie gives all start-up entrepreneurs to focus on.

Having mentors and accountability partners is also key, to keep you motivated as we all lose track at times. The more you invest in yourself, the greater your ROI over time will be. Most millennials nowadays think of success as an overnight process, which is not usually true. David has worked for almost 15 years to reach the point where he stands today.

Believe Nation – David’s organization

Believe Nation is an organization founded by David. The organization guides people about the right mindset required to be a success story and empowers them to achieve it. David ensures his students have strong financial knowledge, organizational skills, and a persistent mindset. We all have 24 hours in a day, but David stresses, it is those who are the most resourceful that see the most success.

Here is what David looks forward to

David is currently working harder than ever, despite the COVID outbreak stopping face-to-face events. He adapted quickly and took these to virtual sessions. No matter what gets in his way, he is always able to overcome it and see the light on the other side. David does

not plan to stop until he has impacted the lives of a billion folks in this


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