Some of the Best Free Mint NFTs of All Time

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A recent twitter post by NFT artist Lennster asked “What was the best Free Mint NFT of all time?” This piqued our curiosity, and the twitter audience did not disappoint with the answers. 

With a Free Mint NFT announcing they will debut a commercial at the super bowl in February, the time has come to look back at some of the best free mints. NFTs minting for free is by no means uncommon and with careful research they can be found every week. The downside is security and minters should always have a hot wallet that doesn’t contain any valuable assets when they mint. With no particular order or strategy, the following are some of the best Free Mint NFTs that may go down in history forever.


CryptoPunks, now owned by Larvalabs, is 10,000 unique collectible pixel punk PFPs with proof of ownership stored on the Ethereum blockchain. This is likely the project that catapulted the crypto movement and brought NFTs into the limelight. CryptoPunks have been featured in the media around the globe including Christie’s of London, Art|Basel, The PBS NewsHour, and The New York Times in 2018 and again in 2021. These NFTs were free to mint and are one of the earliest examples of a NFTs on Ethereum. They were also the inspiration for the now widely known ERC-721 standard that is behind many digital collectibles. There are currently 0 listed CryptoPunks on Opensea. With a floor price of about 66ETH and an ATH sale of about $23.7M USD back in February. That’s not bad gains for a free mint which puts CryptoPunks on the top of the list. 

NeoTokyo Season 1 Citizens

While those wanting to mint had to endure sleepless nights of codebreaking, riddles, and dead ends, the NeoTokyo S1 citizens certainly make the list of awesome free mints. NeoTokyo.code is building the crypto gaming illuminati. They call it the Soho House for the future key players in the crypto gaming space. The S1 mint was grueling and created a network of people that were initially tied together through trials and tribulations and finally presented with a token gated community that they had to build from scratch. The idea was that those that didn’t want to build Web3 would leave, and those that did, would stay. The concept worked and Web3 projects are coming from the NeoTokyo ecosystem on a regular basis. And the kicker, those free mint S1 citizens yield BYTES when staked. During the bull market, citizen holders were racking in thousands a month. S1 citizens currently have an average floor price of 11ETH with an ATH sale of $1M USD.


GoblinTown crashed into the crypto world with a bang. They launched as a free mint with one allowed per wallet. They had no whitelists, collabs, or community discord available to market or announce the project. They launched on May 22nd to whoever happened to have heard of the project and with only about 10k followers on their twitter.  Their strategy was exactly the opposite of what every other project was doing and thanks to internet culture, it worked. The collection of 10K goblins is on the Ethereum blockchain and according to the anonymous team has no roadmap nor utility. Their goal appears to be to troll all of the blue chip NFTs and the goal has worked thus far. They now have 118K followers on twitter with a floor price of .7 ETH down from an ATH sale of 11ETH. Not bad for a free mint. 


DigiDaigaku might be the most exciting free mint of 2023. With a current floor price of 12.9 ETH on Opensea this free mint certainly made some Degens happy. According to the Opensea description, this project is a collection of 2022 unique characters developed by Limit Break, a company founded by world famous game designers Gabriel Leydon and Halbert Nakagawa. Currently, DigiDaigaku characters live in a mysterious world unknown to outsiders, but in time, exciting details about their world will be revealed. Gabrielle announced that DigiDaigaku will be featured at the 2023 Super Bowl in February and the mystery surrounding the free mint continues to grow. An announcement said Limit Break is about to turn America’s biggest televised event into the biggest Free NFT mint event of all time with their DigiDaigaku commercial. 

The DigiDaigaku Villains collection free mint whitelist closes tomorrow. Only time will tell what the best free Mint NFT of all time truly was or is. It’s safe to say Degens around the globe will be watching DigiDaigaku to see how their Super Bowl ad plays out in February. 


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