Souls Rest is Blurring the Lines Between the Golden age and Modern era.

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Souls Rest is a duo focusing on making music that seamlessly blurs the lines between a wide variety of musical styles. The pair consists of a.son and abide.n, respectively, a vocalist/producer and a rapper. They hail from the beautiful city of Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada), where they continue to build their sound and come up with new, inspiring material.

In some ways, a.son and abide.n are a bit like fire and ice. They have many differences in their styles and in the way they approach music. However, something truly unique happens when the two collide, and the impact of their combined creativity is outstanding. Together, they work in synergy and add more to each other’s flow.

Where one of them might miss out on a creative opportunity in a “solo” scenario, together, they find a way to highlight each other’s innovative strength and add more to the story. As a result, they create a sound that feels personal and very easy to relate to, captivating the audience and creating songs that have a much deeper and more personal meaning.

With a.son providing smooth instrumentals and unforgettable vocal hooks, and abide.n providing a hard-hitting rap flow to the songs, their style is versatile, and many incredible elements make their songs memorable.

Their sound combines the appealing melodies of R&B and Neo-Soul with the edge of classic hip-hop, going for a distinctive and one-of-a-kind flavor. The pair has built a strong following with their music and the positive and inspirational message that drives their lyrics and sound.

Recently, the duo released a new studio album titled “Cosmonauts,” which features ten new songs, exploring a wide array of genres and allowing Souls Rest to highlight how creative and dynamic their sound can be. With such creativity and so much passion on tap, you really can’t go wrong, and the possibilities are limitless.

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