South Florida CyberMSP is Helping Small Businesses Stay Safe

Small businesses using automation technology have become frequent targets of cyberattacks. They typically have weaker technological defenses, less threat awareness, and fewer resources available for cybersecurity, making them less complicated targets for hackers than larger companies. However, they are still viable targets because even the smallest business can handle large sums of money. 

Thankfully, organizations such as South Florida CyberMSP are at the forefront of helping these small businesses safeguard their systems. South Florida CyberMSP also offers their clients 24/7 monitoring, updates, and patches of your systems to ensure they are up-to-date with the latest Microsoft patches to help better protect them against Zero-Day threats. Email spam filtering, a 24/7 security operations center monitoring service, and other services are also included to keep your IT running in top shape and protected.

South Florida CyberMSP was founded by passionate tech enthusiast, Paul Debogorski. Paul is a Certified Ethical Hacker with vast expertise and experience in identifying threats. The computer forensic expert leverages the same tools hackers use to try and steal data and money by telling you exactly how to protect you and your businesses against these threats. 

Paul’s focus is on reaching and helping small and medium businesses in need of data security, including the management of IT personnel. This includes preventing your computers from being hit with ransomware that can cripple your business, cost you a fortune in ransom and fines, incur the loss of confidential and proprietary data and client files, HIPAA issues, and even force you to lay off your entire workforce. 

Paul’s forensic service on computers, smartphones, tablets, and other digital devices finds evidence of illegal activity if it exists, and if it does, he presents it in court as an expert witness. If there is no evidence of illegal activity, he can also testify to prove a client’s innocence. He has testified in cases before the 15th Circuit Court on divorce cases, financial fraud, tax evasion, and others.

With people trying to DIY their way into securing their proprietary files or finding a cheap option to resolve their issues, Paul gives a piece of advice: let the professionals handle it. “Those businesses that did find the one small thing that saved their necks and called me in to do things like a penetration test, or had me as their Managed IT Provider, were able to stop ransomware attacks. Whereas if they had gone with the “less expensive option” shall we say, or just had their nephew do their IT for free, they’d likely be closing their doors right now.”

A certified Managed Service Provider, Paul, and his team take over as the go-to firm for all your business IT and cybersecurity needs. They function not only as the help desk for your business, but they fix a range of issues as simple as hooking up a new monitor to setting up the entire office for you, including the network, secure Wi-Fi, and Office 365 email with your domain name. They also help budget your IT and ensure your systems are protected with commercial-grade anti-virus and security. 

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