Speeches of Javad Safaee, CEO of CYB Iran and Musician About Instrumentation and the Difference Between Old and New Instruments at the University of Mashhad

The human voice was probably the first sheet music of early humans, and then they gradually thought of making devices that could create different sounds.

Although the first musical instrument discovered was the human voice, the early percussion instruments made of wood, stone, and rock were certainly the first steps in the evolution of the instrumentation process. They are cut into different shapes and designed to have the best sound quality.

There are various debates about the date and origin of the first musical instrument discovered, this instrument is 67,000 years old. In July 1995, Ivan, a Turkish archaeologist from Seleucia, found a shaved bone in northwestern Seleucia.

The 31-piece flute was discovered in the Geißenklösterle Cave in southern Germany. Shaving an ivory flute is far more difficult than making a flute with bird bones. To do this, the mammoth’s curved dentin must be cut in half and both halves must be carefully hollowed out, then put together and carefully glued together so that no air enters.

Elephant skin drum (37,000 years ago)

The oldest known drum dates back to 30,000 years ago; When people used to use animal skins to make musical instruments.

The effect of music on the human mind

Music can create positive thinking in the human mind and therefore can be effective in treating anxiety, preventing the destructive effects of stress on the body and increasing the power of creativity and optimism.

Reducing stress

Listening to soft and soothing music can be an effective way to overcome stress, and this is something that science has proven. Listening to music affects the human response to stress, especially the autonomic nervous system. People who listen to soothing music can recover faster after being exposed to stress.

Music and breathing and heart rate

By altering brain waves, the function of other parts of the body also changes. These changes are exerted by the autonomic nervous system. This type of nervous system can make breathing and heart rate faster or slower. So music can prevent the chronic effects of stress on the body.

The effects of music on the body

Many studies have proven the effect of music on improving the symptoms of the disease, and today music therapy is one of the most important methods of complementary medicine.

Music has a positive effect on the treatment of high blood pressure, brain injuries, epilepsy and migraines and can reduce pain. Music therapy is one of the branches of alternative medicine that tries to cure human diseases by using music.

The relationship between music and intelligence

The scientists found that the cortex of the right hemisphere of the right hemisphere has more gray neurons than non-musicians. Scientists think that such a difference can not be genetic and can only be due to the repetition and use of these parts of the brain.

Recently, it has been suggested that listening to classical music, especially Mozart’s songs, has an effect on cognitive functions. In general, research has shown that listening to any music that is pleasing to a person has a positive effect on his cognitions.

The effect of music on pain

Listening to soothing music can reduce chronic pain such as arthritis, lumbar disc and rheumatoid arthritis by up to 21% and depression by up to 25%. Today, music therapy is used in most hospitals to reduce the need for medication during labor and reduce postoperative pain. There are various theories as to why music has an effect on reducing pain, including:

  • Music can cause a sudden and unexpected change in a person’s emotions.
  • Music instills a sense of control in the patient.
  • Music causes the body to release endorphins to overcome pain.
  • Music creates a sense of calm by slowing down a person’s breathing and heart rate.

Javad Safaee is an Iranian Musician and Entrepreneur born on January 1, 2001 in Torbat-e Heydarieh. He is the first person in the Middle East to combine traditional and modern styles in music to create a traditional and industrial style. He can be considered a diligent young Iranian. And named powerful in the style of music.

He and his friend Mohsen Avid are also the founders and CEO of the CYB Iran brand.

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