Spencer Lodge is Sales’ Strongest Advocate

In contemporary business conversations, the notion of ‘sales’ is often treated with a degree of neglect. Some are misled to believe sound products should sell themselves and that sales teams are an unnecessary expense in generating income.

However, the view fails to take into account the potential benefits that can be reached by training up a sales force. @spencer.lodge, the CEO of Make It Happen, has committed himself to spread awareness and expertise in the area.

Spencer Lodge’s body of work stretches into other aspects of business development, too. As well as providing businesses with tips and tricks on sales growth, the entrepreneur co-founded The Blue Sky Thinking Group, which holds three successful subsidiaries in the likes of HR administration and corporate wellness.

The diversity of Spencer’s experience enables him to tackle the sales challenges faced by any business, big or small. Throughout his career, he has assisted hundreds of companies, including Aldar, Bayut, Azizi, and thousands more individuals.

Giving his professional offering additional value is the range of multimedia assets Spencer includes in his portfolio. Reachable via https://spencerlodge.tv/, the Make It Happen University leads the way in the education of the next generation. Every element of Spencer’s knowledge is accessible to willing students and can be found within a wide selection of informative videos. The course consists of seven key modules that explain every step to successful sales in unparalleled detail.

The word ‘informed’ doesn’t necessarily correlate to formal education, though. Spencer openly describes himself as a ‘working-class kid’ and found his business passion during a role in a factory in his younger days. A drive for sales took Spencer off the factory line and into the pursuit of a sales career. The transition went on to mark a turning point in the training of thousands of salespeople.

The latest development in Spencer’s story is the current creation of a docuseries entitled ‘The Chain’, which looks to expose modern slavery and the human trafficking industry. People across the world continue to await Spencer’s voice in worlds far beyond sales.

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