Spiritual Poet Chris Arima Delivers A Powerful Piece On Suicide Prevention

Chris Arima is tackling an important message through Poetry, especially important and relevant considering our current state of the world.

In his music video, the artist touches on the sensitive subject of suicide. He explores it through powerful imagery surrounding the Golden Gate Bridge, which is unfortunately also notorious for people attempting to take their own lives.

The imagery is even more impactful because of its paradox. The bridge and its surroundings is such a beautiful and powerful place, yet still at times associated with this grim reality.

The video therefore dances between beauty and pain, between shadow and light. The story and powerful rhymes take the listener to a place of depth that cannot resist one’s introspection.

The music video is also supported by the grace of very talented Ballerina Theresa Knudson, under the careful eye and direction of prominent San Francisco based filmmaker Lukas Schulz of Lukas production.

Ultimately, the song delivers a powerful message of hope. And at its core, explores the fact that life is worth living plentifully regardless of any circumstances; and that hardships are only part of our human experience for our benefit if we choose to expand and grow from them.

With piercing rhymes, Chris Arima delivers a message that embodies authenticity, and touches on a soul level.

To find out more about the artist visit his website, Instagram and you can follow him on Facebook

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