Spreading Knowledge About Plastic Surgery Across Millions – Dr. Tarick K. Smiley.

dr tarick k smiley

Dr. Tarick K. Smiley is a qualified cosmetic, plastic & reconstructive surgery specialist practicing in Beverly Hills, California. He has around 27 years of experience in the medical field. Dr. Smiley graduated from the University Of Cincinnati College Of Medicine medical school in 1994 and treats new patients since and continues to do to date.

Dr. Smiley’s knowledge reflecting through social media

Unlike most social networks, Snapchat posts are not buried in a busy timeline, allowing followers to view videos and photos easily. While these are only available between 1 & 10 seconds increments, this provides the opportunity to broadcast meaningful information that prospective patients seek. While it is counterintuitive, the brief lifespan of ‘snaps’ could lead to users’ undivided attention.

The decision to undergo plastic surgery is life-changing and thus, Dr. Tarick wants to make sure that the prospective patients have the necessary information and tools to make an informed decision about the type of procedure they want to undergo and the timeline involved. Snapchat focuses on images and videos. It gives faster information than the written content and makes it popular among online users who use their mobile devices.

Dr. Smiley explains the procedure of plastic surgery in detail so that the online viewers have an idea as to what they should expect before, during, and after the surgery. The viewers get interested in the process and appreciate the complexities and level of details for which Dr. Smiley is known all over America.

Dr. Smiley’s professional front

Dr. Tarick is a Doctor of Medicine and a native of Ohio. He graduated from Whitmer High School in Toledo and received his degree in Bachelor of Science from the Ohio State University in 1989. Additionally, he has also received his Medical Doctor’s degree from the Medical College of Ohio in 1994. Being a Medical Doctor, Dr. Smiley is committed to setting the highest standards for quality of care in the field of plastic surgery. Being a Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon for many years, he has an extensive patient referral base and experience in all aspects of cosmetic plastic surgery.

Patients’ perspective about Dr. Tarick

A well-organized team can do any work properly. Patients admire the work of Dr. Smiley and his staff.  As per the reviews, Dr. Smiley’s staff is friendly, responsive, and accommodating. People travel from places like Pennsylvania for their surgeries on recommendations by their family members or friends living in Southern California for getting treated by Dr. Smiley.

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