Stacked: How A Real Estate Editorial Is Providing Insights on Singapore’s Real Estate Market

It’s already well-known how wealthy Singapore is. It has one of the highest GDP per capita, not just in Asia but also globally. Singapore also has one of the largest shares of millionaires and billionaires in the entire world. It is also known for its urban architecture composed of well-preserved old structures that mingle with futuristic buildings and skyscrapers tall enough to reach the sky. Aside from strict disciplinary laws, the Merlion, and the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore is also prominent for real estate.

Singapore’s property market is the second most expensive real estate market in the whole world after Hong Kong. Unlike Hong Kong, however, Singapore has one of the highest homeownership rates in the world. Around 91% of Singaporeans own the house that they live in. This is due to the program initiated by the city-state’s Housing and Development Board, which builds high-rise apartment buildings in the city and provides a 99-year lease agreement to the “owners” who wish to get a home.

With such an expensive yet mysterious property market, Singaporean real estate might seem hard to understand for foreigners and Singaporeans alike. With this in mind, a real estate company called Stacked has taken on the challenge to shed some light on the real estate market of a country that is often ranked among the most expensive places to live in. According to the bio of their Instagram account, Stacked is a real estate company that does not give property market ads but instead provides editorials, perspectives, and reviews on Singapore’s property market. Their social media accounts feature articles that review different types of properties all over the city-state, show opinions on the latest news of Singapore’s property market and give guidance on investing, buying, and selling properties in the world’s second most expensive real estate.

If you are a tourist who wants to spend a few days in Singapore and wishes to find an affordable room to rent, then Stacked might not be the place for you. However, this real estate company welcomes both Singaporeans and even foreigners who wish to know more about the city-state’s property market for the sake of investing and buying a new home. Their articles and reviews provide significant insights into the condos and properties that you can buy in Singapore and overviews on the latest trends and news on the market. Stacked seeks to help people who want to start investing in real estate or want to get a home of their own in one of the world’s richest and expensive countries.

If you are looking to know more about what’s happening in Singapore’s real estate market and wish to see how Stacked can help you with that, you can go to their Facebook and Instagram pages. You can also go to their website, where you can read their articles, sign up for their newsletter to receive updates, and even purchase products for your home through their online store.

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