Stacking Growth Summit Comes to Silicon Valley: Here are 5 Things You Will Learn

Instead of taking time to “warm up” at a conference, wouldn’t it be nice to jump in quickly with some of the best and brightest marketing growth hackers in the world? What if they shared all their secrets and methodology to building the kind of brands, e-commerce and influencer-based marketing that easily surpasses regular goals?

Learning is significantly easier when you’re surrounded by talented speakers who have years of experience growing, building and breaking the rules of traditional marketing.

Hosted in Silicon Valley from January 26-28, Stacking Growth Summit III has lined up speakers from all corners of the marketing industry with one thing in common — they know how to smash their growth goals. They’ll be touching on topics from influencer marketing to the e-commerce space. Grow yourself and grow your business keeping your ears open for these five sessions at Stacking Growth Summit III.

Community is Key Panel

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and the same is true of your business. One of the best ways to generate record growth is to curate your community. If you make yourself available to other leaders, influencers, and marketers that are close to you geographically, topically, or industry-wise, you’ll find doors opened you didn’t even know existed. Take time at conferences to make connections with people you’re not going to meet through your local business circle — you never know who’s going to help bring your business to the next level. Speakers at the conference will talk about how they’ve built official communities that have furthered their businesses.


Launching a Successful Kickstarter with Johnsen Jeng (CEO of Startpad)

There is a secret formula to successful crowdfunding campaigns and Johnson Jeng will be breaking down the formula for you. Learn how to structure your next project with clear steps and milestones. Successful campaigns take time and patience, and once you learn the fundamentals of a well-structured campaign, you’ll be on your path to raising 6 digits or more.


Excelling in E-Commerce with Omar Sayyed (The CEO of

Your customers are becoming more and more comfortable with the e-commerce world. If you want to be successful, you should be taking steps to be an expert in this space. Experts from across all different industries will talk about what they had to do to scale the growth of their business and take them to the next level.


Building Up a Personal Brand on Linkedin through Video with Goldie Chan

LinkedIn is one of the fastest growing social platforms over the past year and LinkedIn video has been a strong contributor to those metrics. While most don’t think of video when they think of LinkedIn – this 6 month old addition has brought both a new set of visual creators and content consumers to the platform.
Goldie Chan is a top creator and community leader on the LinkedIn platform and was recently called the “Oprah of LinkedIn” by Huffington Post. Her daily video channel and profile has amassed a 550% increase in viewership attributed to her unique green-haired style and calm way of explaining branding, social media strategy and networking for introverts.


On the Horizon with Jim Louderback

The way content is being consumed and distributed is changing rapidly — and that’s not going to slow down anytime soon. Jim Louderback, the CEO of Vidcon, will be addressing how to stay focused and pursue metrics that will keep your company on a growth trajectory as the landscape you’re operating on shifts.

The time to take your business to the next level is now. Grow your mindset and your company will grow along with it. See the rest of the lineup at

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