STIMULUS is Poised and Focused

Recently, I’ve had the pleasure of getting acquainted with STIMULUS. This dude moves the right way and comes off wise beyond his years. I meet a lot of independent artists and honestly like some better than others lol. I’m very much rooting for this dude though because he is an educated professional and understands the grind while respecting the process. STIMULUS hails from Omaha, NE.

He is an independent rapper who just launched independent record label Prospect Records in 2018. He is an entrepreneur and the flagship artist on his label. He has already put an abundance of work in both in the studio and on the stage. Stylistically, he’s tough to box in and can do both the melodic and the rap thing exceedingly well. STIMULUS cites some of his biggest influences as being 50 Cent and Eminem (You better back it up when listing those names…He does.)

At the moment, STIMULUS is focused on consistently dropping new content on a monthly basis. Standout tracks include Dead2Me and E.T II (also a visual). Finally, his record with rapper’s rapper Jarren Benton shows that he can hang with the big dogs when he has to.

It’s tough to jump on a record with someone of that caliber and not get smoked hahah. Dead2Me combines his melodic and “rap, rap” characteristics quite well while being a tremendously personal reflection of a relationship gone sour due to the inconsiderate and irresponsible actions of another.

He stays active in terms of performing as well and has been a midwestern mainstay on the “King Of The City” tour, alongside established acts like the aforementioned Jarren Benton, Lil Flip, and UBI of Ces Cru. He works closely with a business partner/promoter which helps guarantee that he lands squarely in the immediate support spot.
It can be pretty deflating to play for five people, so it’s crucial when planning your shows to assure that a decent chunk of that crowd will actually be seeing you. Otherwise, you’re honestly just better off creating content in hopes that it will find the right eyes and ears. In the case of STIMULUS, he’s positioned himself well to do both which is a crucial advantage over a lot of the field (I’m not convinced a lot of the field can even perform live anyway…It’s closer to karaoke lol).
I respect any artist willing to stay active, get out there, and continue to show and prove in an era where many are simply mailing it in digitally. STIMULUS had the following to say on the subject: “My business partner has owned the King Of The City touring brand for over a decade and has dedicated his brand, and the shows in general to helping me establish myself as an artist, by making me featured artist on the shows (second to the headliner), and making sure I have the premium opening slot.
Which has proven very beneficial over the last couple of years, as from doing the shows my name has become more recognized and familiar among fans in different cities when I come back to them.” This cycle of planting seeds in a given market and the shows getting bigger every time you return is a tried and true way of organically growing your fan base with the best of them.
STIMULUS also attended the famed Full Sail University (Where he received a Bachelor’s in Music Production and an Associate’s in  Audio Engineering) and picked up plenty of game along the way, both in terms of creating music and properly marketing it. As an independent artist in today’s climate, it’s integral to wear a variety of hats and to do so well.
The days of being good at one thing and expecting the industry to fawn over you are long over. This dude is calculated and has the skills to match which very much makes him an artist to watch from where I’m standing. He’s got more visuals coming and is looking to continue to build off several strong showings on Spotify with regards to past singles. I can say with certainty that he and I will be chopping it up more in the coming days.
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