Straight Up Growth Is Creating Market Leaders

With such a competitive online market, you need to know how to properly grow your brand. You must understand the market, the audience, the advertising, every detail that will lead your business to success. Sometimes you might not understand every detail or might need help tweaking a few things here and there. Lucky for you, there are experts willing to guide you through the process. One of those is the team at Straight Up Growth who works creating market leaders.

What Is Straight Up Growth?

As you focus on expanding your brand, have you ever stopped to think about ways in which you could grow your Amazon sales? If the answer is yes, then you should definitely be working with Straight Up Growth. They are a team of experts with knowledge on Amazon Strategy, Media Strategy, Paid Search Strategy, and Search Strategy. Their main goal is to drive awareness to their clients’ brands and accelerate their business growth through favorable metrics, market fit assessments, consumer journey mapping, and expanding their network.

The clients they work with go from businesses who are beginning to set up their Product Store to those who want to take their brand to the next level. Their expertise helps them understand the challenges that come with selling on Amazon and allows them to help their clients exceed their goals.

Why should you trust them? “We are experts at growing brands on Amazon. Our approach helps you increase total sales and ad revenue while maximizing your budget and growing your Amazon customer base.”

Market Leaders in Three Steps

Evan J. Kesner is the CEO of Straight Up Growth and he says as a company they “help good people grow online businesses we believe in.” And that is why day after day they work to create market leaders. Their process is divided into three extremely effective steps.

  1.       Amazon Audit – Competitive Analysis: the team will run an audit of your Amazon account and lead a competitive analysis.
  2.       Establish Goals – Create Solutions: they help each client establish platform-specific goals that align with performance metrics.
  3.       Execute – Measure – Optimize: these experts design a strategy to optimize your ad spend and increase sales.

Once these steps have been taken, clients can choose one of their three services. They have Amazon Advertising, focused on helping your Amazon business grow. Another option is their Additional Advertising Services, including Google ads, search engines, television, and radio. Or their Advanced Analytics and Measurement with product development, sales forecasting, and custom marketing plan. Whichever service you opt for, they guarantee you will become a market leader.

Choose to Grow Your Brand

As the market becomes more and more competitive, your best option is to figure out ways to help you grow your brand, expand your reach, and increase your sales. It might seem impossible at times due to the competition, but luckily there are experts willing to help you. Straight Up Growth will audit your account, run a competitive analysis, establish goals, and come up with a strategy to help you succeed. They should be your number one option because the work they do is aimed towards making you a market leader. What are you waiting for? Hire them to grow your Amazon business.

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