Strengthen Your C.O.R.E. Four & Sell Your Business for 10x More

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It is no secret that you have to offer top value within your business to sell it for top dollar. A business model and profit are factors, but buyers can redesign models. A company with a magnetizing culture not only brings A-players but keeps them. A healthy work environment with content team members increases team loyalty and productivity while still offering more time off and increasing revenue. That means more income for a founder as an active leader and a higher price tag for a sale.

That’s where my friend Dino comes in. 

“Dino Watt is the Tony Robbins of Creating Company Culture. He combines entertainment, emotion, and uncommon sense.” 

He is so good at building culture, that employees practically demand their bosses bring him in to fix their teams, and now! This is a good thing! This means employees are invested in their job and expressing their needs to be fulfilled and more productive.

Dino not only helps people “be better at their jobs,” he helps them improve their lives. 
All founders know employees bring their home life (and problems) into the workplace. Dino works to reverse that. He focuses on improving the workplace culture so employees bring their work culture’s excellence home. 

“Working on culture is an income-producing opportunity,” Dino explains.

This is true whether a business owner is investing in the culture to sell, preparing for a private transition of ownership, or developing the culture for overall well-being, and profitability.

Everyone wins : the company, the employee, the customer, and the community. Employees experience a better quality of life, patients enjoy a better experience, and businesses, including their owners, experience an increased profit. One of Dino’s first clients earned $500,000 more in his first year and worked over 50 days less!

To achieve this, Dino implements a system that focuses on the “C.O.R.E Four.”



A positive environment helps founders keep the best teams and reduce costly turnover.
The right culture will help you attract the right people to build the best teams and scale. When team members are happy, they work harder and become ambassadors for their company. In time, business is more profitable, even when employees have more time off.


Establish transparency practices to ensure you have the best, high-performing team members that align with your culture. Then find your A-players and make sure they align with the business vision, ideologies, and, you guessed it, culture! You may need to let some “C” and “D” players go.


For many, loving where they work is more important than how much money they make. Mentorship programs are an effective way to knit this together. Over time employees connect, improve, thrive, and deliver “excellent” results.


Excellence is an exponential multiplier, and a lasting culture will instill and inspire excellence. It should be part of the value system, the team-building processes, and management.

Dino’s model is simple. He gets to know the founder personally and assesses the team and environment. After, he works with the founder and staff to design and implement a value system that works.

The C.O.R.E. Four is a “rainbow connection” of business, opportunity, and good karma that help founders realize their team and their business’s full potential. It is worth it for the short and the long term and especially worth it in the sale – 10x worth it!

Check out the full interview with Dino on my Podcast, then take your free assessment and learn more about working with Dino at

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