Sudhir Bishnoi : Founder of ‘Manthan Media News’ Is Ready to Create a Benchmark

Bishnoi wants to create a standard for every other journalist

Sudhir Bishnoi popularly known as the village boy is all set to create a benchmark in the history of social media. Sudhir Bishnoi who had his earlier education in politics was always dedicated to make his future in the field of journalism. Sudhir said, ” Neither success is permanent nor failure, it is the courage that continues to count” A multi-talented person realized his strength when he was studying in the university of Jodhpur. 

Sudhir Bishnoi had his earlier education in his native city. Considering the situation of his family, he always wanted to do something out of the box. With the same he created a youtube channel named ‘Media Manthan‘. From the earlier experience in the field of journalism, Sudhir Bishnoiintended to cover the basic topics in his channel that are left unnoticed. Slowly and Gradually this channel started to grow. With the increment in the views and the audience, Sudhir Bishnoi became the well known face in the social media industry. He always believed in his dream.

It is well said that some people work according to their destiny but some people create their own destiny. The founder of the biggest social media channel ‘Media Manthan‘. The journey of Sudhir Bishnoi was not easy indeed it was very difficult. Sudhir shared one incident where his family wanted him to be a part of the Army and join a government job but he decided to pursue his passion. He wanted to directly connect himself with the public and present their issues. 

He did his MA in journalism and found the situations and trends that are going in this era. He wanted to change the trend of the media industry and created his own channel. His journey started in 2018 with the main vision of working for the people instead of working for himself. He wanted to raise his voice for the poor farmers and unemployed people that are ignored by the government.

Sudhir Bishnoi believes in equality, he said that sometimes these poor people are left behind and no one focuses on their issues. They are a part of society and should be considered equally. The roots of Sudhir Bishnoi are attached to his village, therefore he can feel the pain of these people. To bring them in notice, he decided to write his own victory in the field of journalism.

This boy became popular as the farmer boy who had not only created his own destiny but also he created history. He has now become an inspiration for all the youngsters who are determined to change history  by their efforts. Sudhir proved that your single and small effort is enough to create a history.


Written by Garry Logan

Serial entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Crypto Market Enthusiast|| Founder & CEO at Glitch Digital.