Surkhab TV – Trusted and Reputed Channel Everything That Affects Everyone

Surkhab Tv is be initiated, by the aid of which the culture and tradition of the punjab can be delineated towards the whole globe. Additionally, our aim is to spread the popularity of Surkhab Tv throughout the world and to maintain a pinnacle over other channels.

Moreover, if we discuss about the another aspect that is the content we upload, primarily we coin on our mother land and we illustrate every tiny ritual of it by which this can be spread at every nook and corner of the world, we promote to our culture so that every individual at the globe can grasp the knowledge about its origin, to add to it, we represent it in the form of video as it is audio-visual way of representing things.

Secondly, it broadcasts the news national and international too, which consist of agriculture, education, religious and many more. It also keep in touch to the viewers with current affairs and the knowledge and personality that one can get while reading.

Probing further, our team has made tramendous efforts by which we have reaped out the fruitful aspects as a form of subscribers.

However, according to a scrutiny/ survey it is found that youtube is the second largest platform to represent anything as it has more than 30 billions visits per day.

the creators of Surkhab TV managment under Surkhab Media (OPC) private limited initiated a way to represent the culture of punjab and news as well.

All in all, the news have been telecasted are reliable, as to show this on channel we get to the bottom of it. 

Furthermore, we do not support biased media and every single news is verified by our experts before telecasting. 

As our channel has gained ground by the great efforts of our team and it has become the trusted and reputated channel on youtube.

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