Taking the Orange Pill: Bitcoin Meets Web3

As Bitcoin continues to surpass its previous all-time high and Ordinals attract unprecedented attention, there exists a cohort of newcomers who, while familiar with Bitcoin, remain unaware of the transformative changes shaping its trajectory.

Playing a part in this is Orange, standing out as a revolutionary ecosystem offering innovative solutions to further the Bitcoin renaissance period by introducing DeFi to Bitcoin. Led by CEO Damon Nam, the project is at the forefront of reshaping the way users interact with the once-constrained king of crypto assets.

The Orange Wallet


Central to this transformation is the Orange Wallet, a user-friendly browser extension seamlessly integrating with your online experience, making managing Bitcoin and other protocols a breeze. Picture Orange as your go-to hub for managing Bitcoin, BRC-20 tokens, stacks, and Ordinal NFTs. It’s not merely a secure vault; it’s your companion, combining ease of use with robust security and privacy measures with complete decentralization, non-custodial security, and anonymity.

What’s more, you won’t have to wait too much longer to see it in action! Orange Wallet has successfully completed its audit, and should be out as soon as the end of March.

Beyond The Wallet


Orange extends much further beyond, offering a suite of products to enrich your Bitcoin DeFi journey:

  • Orange Swap, a decentralized exchange, enables seamless cross-chain asset swaps, connecting users to decentralized finance on the Bitcoin network.
  • Orange Marketcap, a comprehensive market aggregator, delivers vital data and statistics on Bitcoin, BRC-20, Stacks, Ordinals, and more, delivering users with valuable insights.
  • The Orange Bridge, a cross-chain bridge, facilitates interoperability between different blockchain protocols, ensuring smooth transactions.
  • The marriage of AI and crypto is exemplified by the Orange Assistant, enhancing usability and accessibility across the ecosystem, offering quick insights into the crypto world.
    Demoing of the AI functionality has been rigorously tested with superb results, being well received by Orange’s strategic partners. Word even has it that Consensys, the brains behind Metamask, have taken a keen interest in the work being done in this area.

Plus, fiat onramps are part of the offerings, making buying Bitcoin and other crypto directly from your bank or credit card a hassle-free experience.

We also have it on very good authority that a stealth concept is currently in development. While we are unable to disclose full details at this present time, rest assured that after hearing the specifics, let’s just say it will certainly be a game-changer.


The Orange ecosystem is governed by its native token, $ORNJ, residing on the BRC-20 token standard. $ORNJ provides governance, platform fee discounts, and rewards for active participation, staking, and contributing to platform growth. The total token supply is 100 million, with transparent distribution, including seed rounds and public launchpads. $ORNJ recently saw a rapid price surge, going from an initial public sale at 6 cents to a peak of 79 cents at its all-time high.

The Team Behind Orange

The Orange team is a global squad of experienced professionals from various Fortune 500 companies. What’s more, there’s no external advisors here; they rely on community support to manage the DAO. Damon’s extensive background at Microsoft, where he held various business management roles, allowed him to build an extensive network. This network includes key individuals who now play pivotal roles in the Orange venture.

Among them is Architect Dimitri Golovchenko, contributing over seven years of engineering expertise in front and backend development, COO Kevin Huynh with a career spanning 13 years across diverse industries such as blockchain, travel, and tech, and CTO Yiming Liu, a seasoned leader in the blockchain space who held crucial roles at Oracle and Coin Berry.

Recent announcements & Future Outlook

Orange has grabbed the attention of many with organic market growth, namely from web3 KOLs rallying behind Orange and bringing the project to the attention of their large audiences.

Looking ahead, Orange made two significant announcements last week that will have a big impact on things to come. The first introduced Orange Rewards, set to redefine passive earnings in the Bitcoin ecosystem. This program allows users to stake tokens securely in their wallet and earn rewards without locking them up or moving them. Users accumulate points over time, redeeming them for various rewards such as additional tokens, exclusive merchandise, and hardware wallets. Loyalty is recognized with a dynamic rewards system that encourages long-term participation.

Additionally, Orange announced the launch of the earlier mentioned Orange Marketcap, just a few days later. Standout features include a BRC-20 token tracker, ensuring users stay ahead with detailed analytics and real-time market movement tracking. Equipped with user-centric tools like advanced charting, personalized watchlists, and alerts, the platform allows users to analyze trends and make informed decisions confidently.

Final Thoughts

In essence, Orange is a conductor between the power of Bitcoin and the endless possibilities of web3, all in a user-friendly and accessible package. As the team continues to capture attention, with partnerships, announcements, and a relentless roll-out of new, innovative products on the horizon, the prospect of its transformative impact in the crypto space remains undeniably exciting. Many would struggle to name a better prospect with more potential, even in this current up-only market!

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