TalentX Entertainment Aims to Grow Digital Influencers With a New Breed of Management

TalentX Entertainment

There is an exodus of Gen Z and millennials in the US leaving small towns and moving to big cities like LA & New York. The days of wanting to be a wall-street trader or a Hollywood actor aren’t the usual draws for these top locations anymore.

The younger generations have grown up with smartphones, Facebook, and the ability to post content to reach anyone anywhere in the world within a few seconds. They aren’t wanting to grow up and join the corporate world like their parents. Instead, they want to carve their own paths becoming entrepreneurs. With a large portion of them wanting to become influencers.

Yes, influencers. These influencers today are the real celebrities with fans and followers in the millions. Watching and waiting for their every move. There are several platforms that are drawing the influencer movement but the one that could be the hottest at the moment and the most overlooked is TikTok.

The Growth & Potential of TikTok

TikTok currently has over 500 million active users around the world making it a top 10 social network worldwide. The days of taking it lightly are over and one forward-thinking agency has taken the lead.

TalentX, a newly launched 360-degree talent development company focused on digital creators has built a rockstar team of industry veterans and up-and-comers that are taking the agency industry by storm.

Michael Senzer who just spent the past five years working as a digital and branded content agent for Gersh Agency has joined TalentX. Gersh Agency represents major Hollywood stars like Mark Hamill and Dave Chappelle and online influencers like Colleen Ballinger (8.62M subscribers on YouTube). Senzer will serve as VP of Business Development at newly created TalentX.

In this new role, Senzer will spearhead TalentX’s brand partnerships, merchandising, live events, media development, and product and IP deals. Basically anything to do with partnerships or business development will be overseen by Senzer.

The New Breed of Digital Talent Management with TalentX

TalentX was launched in December 2019 and has built a roster of nearly 50 Gen Z creators on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. Its executive team includes co-CEO and CRO Warren Lentz, co-CEO Jason Wilhelm, top YouTuber Tal Fishman as President, TikTok star Josh Richards as a senior advisor and former NBA manager Michael Gruen.

Larry Rudolph a longtime talent manager that boasted clients like Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus sits on the company’s advisory board as well. Not a bad advisor to have in your back pocket for strategy and development.

TalentX portrays the future of talent management that will bridge that clearly identified gap of digital and physical worlds that are prevalent today.

We see large potential in agencies of the future to not only help clients in the real world but also in the digital world. If you can help your clients monetize their followings and fan bases in unique and creative ways this could be more lucrative than current traditional methods.

If you are still sleeping on TikTok or think that being an influencer isn’t feasible as a career, think again. The exodus to going digital is just beginning with TalentX leading the way.

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