Taya Day: “Passion and Resilience Are the Most Crucial Business Skills”

Taya Day was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. Her mother, Cherie, raised her along with her younger sister, Alexandra. Her mother and grandmother played prominent roles throughout her life, instilling deep moral and ethical values that have helped her be the best version of herself. During high school, Taya was a gymnast and joined a competitive cheerleading team with Ultimate Canadian Cheer (UCC.) Apart from this, she adores downhill skiing, tennis, chess, cooking, and traveling. She also enjoys reading topics ranging from philosophy, psychology, biographies to self-improvement.

Today, Day is passionate about giving back to her community and supporting many social causes, such as addressing homelessness and helping at-risk youth programs. For years, she has been supporting Covenant House in Toronto, through various events and programs. She has served on committees for several of these events, including a gala called, The Grand Commission, sponsored by GMP capital. All proceeds go towards Covenant House’s anti-sex-trafficking campaign.

Working on other issues close to her heart, Day has also been on the committee, as well as a top fundraiser for the Women’s Unite Sleepout for the last three years. This event raises more than $250,000 annually. During this unique campaign, volunteers and participants sleep outside for a night with just a sleeping bag and a piece of cardboard to highlight the need for funds to assist families struggling with homelessness and at-risk youth in Toronto.

With a strong belief in the power of mentorship, Day joined the organization’s mentorship program to be involved on a more personal level. As a mentor, she provides participating youth with appropriate guidance and support.

There comes a point in everyone’s life when they have to decide what to pursue in college. Day decided to take a year off after high school to work as a gymnastics coach and personal trainer. The year off would prove beneficial as the experience led to the fruitful opportunity to open a personal training company in Toronto.

Building and growing her company was so personally fulfilling that she decided she didn’t need to go back to school and instead focused on the world of fitness.

This opportunity served as a launching pad to successfully compete as a fitness model, winning numerous first-place prizes, in addition to getting published in health magazines. The health magazines, in turn, assisted in the expansion of her training business.

The years of experience in the fitness world helped develop inner-discipline and affirm a positive mindset, laying the foundation by which to achieve future goals.

Day’s passion has led her to publish a book on health and wellness called “The Balanced Approach to Total Wellness.” Early in her health and fitness career, she acquired and developed the skills and attributes to be a successful entrepreneur.

After experiencing professional success in health and fitness, she wanted to change her life’s direction and pivot towards the real estate industry.

Presently, Day is a real estate broker and owner of Taya Day Real Estate, a real estate company based in Toronto, Ontario. She has been successfully operating a real estate business since 2012.

In 2019, she took the commendable step of joining Harvey Kalles Real Estate. Within six months, she managed 24 million dollars in transactions and received the Director’s Circle Award from her brokerage.

In October, she received an announcement confirming she had sold the highest ever in that month in the history of the brokerage company, which was founded in 1957. An impressive feat with a brokerage that has six different offices.

This year, Day was proud to represent and close a deal for Prologis, a multinational logistics real estate investment trust and the largest industrial real estate company in the world, in a land assembly she had been working on for a few years.

Currently, Day specializes in luxury real estate in midtown Toronto and acquiring redevelopment lots and land assemblies. Day’s large networking circle, continuous desire to learn, and passion for working with people, has quickly made her one of the most sought-after brokers in the city. It has fueled her career at Harvey Kalles Real Estate.

Day would like to be recognized as a successful, independent female entrepreneur. During several life stages, she has been judged because of her appearance, the way she dresses, lack of post-secondary education, and being a woman. She refuses to be defined by those judgments and leans on strong principles given to her by her family.

Day believes that being yourself, creating your unique path, and having a high confidence level are essential qualities for being happy and prosperous.

Lastly, she believes that individuals should always strive to become the best version of themselves and have a clear vision of what they want out of life to experience success.

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