Teanna Bianca – Ascending The Success Spectrum in The Music Industry.

Her upcoming release “Girls Night Out Ft. Athalia” which has the proclaimed release date of 4th June, has caused a wave of ecstasy among her fans, Athalia being her 12-year-old daughter.

Hailing from South London, ringing up the curtain of her music career at the tender age of six, as she became a member of children’s church gospel choir. Embarked on an exciting venture, Bianca has unveiled the requisites, apportioning her experience.


Intensely swayed by the 90’s RnB & Dancehall in her teenage years, Bianca, through her inquisitive and creative approach, engendered her own music genre of Tropical RnB that has burgeoned over the years.

Acquiring inestimable experience over time, and the supporting act for UK artists “3 of a Kind”, famed for the single hit-“Baby Cakes”, Teanna has demonstrated that innate inventiveness lies at the core of progress. Her creation of a novel and creative genre has aided her in the long run.


Teanna’s breathtaking and stupendous performances were a result of her startling skillset. Her bewildering performance at London’s popular O2 Brixton Academy regarding a philanthropic cause of gun crime awareness event brought her eminence.

Her over-the-top skillset not only made fame knock at her door but led her to travel around the orb inclusive of European countries like Spain and Amsterdam, proliferating her fanbase through her melodious voice.


Bianca has always had an eye for the main chance and has been an opportunist. Having made her appearance on a multitude of prominent radio shows like the BBC Radio London with Aurie Styla, where she performed her most popular single to date ‘Island Girl’. The chance led her to collab with Dj Kae to host the ‘Luc Belaire showcase’ Radio show.

Her hustle paid off and her endeavors turned successful. The latest release- ‘This Love’ featuring UK dancehall artist Big zeeks, has muddled the radio stations, captivating grand attention from the top-notch stations inclusive of Capital Xtra, Represent Radio, Pulse 88, and Ontop FM.

A much of a muchness response is expected to be witnessed, with the avowed release of the “GIRLS NIGHT OUT FT ATHALIA”, where the audience would bear witness to the mother-daughter mind-boggling duo.

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