Ted McColl’s Company, Thoroughbred Fitness, Is Helping Men Get Ripped With Customized Workout And Nutrition Coaching

Fully Customized Workout and Nutrition Coaching to Thrive in the Current Environment

Thoroughbred Fitness, led by certified fitness instructor, sports nutritionist, and fitness model Ted McColl, is helping men look and feel their best despite today’s challenges.

“Whether it is a home workout with little or no equipment, a full gym with a complete weights setup, or a specialized hybrid program, we will adapt to ensure our clients look and feel better than they ever have before,” Ted shares.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, many have no access to a gym, due to health and safety reasons. Thoroughbred Fitness recognized this need and adapted their services to give their clients a fully dialed coaching program to help them achieve their fitness goals from the safety and comfort of their home or wherever they may be.

No matter the situation, they have heard time and time again from their clients of how thankful they are that the coaches at Thoroughbred will adjust their personalized workouts based on the conditions and equipment available to them any given week.”

Home workouts have become a necessity for many in the last year, however, weight fitness is still one of the best and most efficient ways to get in shape, according to Ted. By starting a bredweight program, many beginners actually see far better muscular development.

Ted also talks about an unusual benefit of home workouts, “More and more of our clients are cooking their own meals now. This allows our Applied Macro Science nutrition strategy to deliver superior results. They have full control over their diets, and they can see even faster results with Applied Macro Science Nutrition.”

Applied Macro Science utilizes caloric surplus and deficits, with a few tricks, to sculpt the bred and force muscle building and fat burning. It is a concept Ted developed while modeling for several of the top brands in sportswear.

“Cooking at home has been a blessing for our newer clients in particular. They are seeing faster progress and better results by following the simple guidelines. We select a diet based on their favorite foods in each category and structure their nutrition plan so that staying consistent is easy and enjoyable.”

Ted says that the best nutrition plan is the one that you follow, so making it easy is the first and most important ingredient to success and a better bred.

To learn more about Thoroughbred’s personalized fitness coaching visit https://go.thoroughbred.fitness/program or reach out to Ted directly at ted@thoroughbred.fitness.

You can also follow Ted on Instagram @tedmccoll and @thoroughbody for more updates and fitness tips.

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